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The Corn Fed Spartans is a group of like-minded individuals whose primary goal is to get people off the couch and into consistently living a healthy lifestyle through fun and challenging activities. CFS strive to lead by example and provide unwavering support and motivation to encourage both our members and the community at large to become a better version of themselves, be that in life or on the race course.

All for Hope – 2015 Virtual 5K Run/Ruck
CORN FED Feet on the Street for National Running Day 2015 – June 3rd!
Battlefrog Tri State New Jersey

All for Hope – 2015 Virtual 5K Run/Ruck

Since 2011, the Corn Fed Spartan (CFS) community has been proudly supporting All for Hope (AFH) and their commitment to support the oncology department at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

All for Hope is a charity organization whose primary goal is to increase cancer awareness and the need for continued cancer research. The organization strives to “provide hope to children with cancer while helping to assure the opportunity for a long enjoyable life.” Their motto is: “Making the future bright for kids with cancer.”

On July 10th, Corn Fed’s Annual Fundraiser committee proudly announced the details for this year’s annual event – the All for Hope Virtual 5k Run/Ruck! Our goal is to not only help increase awareness but also raise a significant amount and contribute all proceeds to support All for Hope’s goal. The event runs till August 31st, 2015, 12:00 a.m. CST.

What is a Virtual 5k?

A virtual race is a race that one can run anywhere. You can walk, jog, run, on a road, trail, treadmill, track or even participate in another race, (i.e. Chicago Spartan Sprint or Super, a 5k color run, etc.). Participate however you choose at your pace, and time it yourself. Participants automatically receive a medal for their contribution and efforts.

Who Can Participate?

We love this question! This cause is specifically raising awareness and funds to combat a disease that unfortunately has touched all of our lives in one form or another.  You do not need to be a certain age or even a member of Corn Fed Spartans to help the cause. So please, spread the word to friends and family as well as other teams. This is a united front to help combat a terrible disease. It’s really win/win anyway you look at it =).

In addition to the custom-made medals, every participant will automatically be entered into a drawing for a Spartan Race™ entry ($100 value) or a $50.00 gift certificate for We Plaque, LLC!

Competitive Spirits

Participants interested in competing for Fastest Male, Fastest Female, and/or most original route run/rucked (voted on by CFS Board Members) must provide GPS proof of their run / route via the Facebook event page. Winners of each category will be announced following the August 31st, 12:00 a.m. CST cutoff.

Winners of these categories will receive the Virtual 5k medal, as well as a Corn Fed Spartan flag (3′ x 5′), a 5″ x 7″ CFS decal, a CFS koozie, a CFS headbuff, and BattleFrog™ swag.

So How Do You Register?

Participation is really pretty simple and greatly appreciated! Register for the event by visiting the Corn Fed Spartans Virtual 5k Run/Ruck Facebook Event. Submit your entry fee of $25.00 per person via PayPal to cornfedspartans@outlook.com via PayPal‘s Friends and Family option. Do not forget to include the following information in your registration via the comments section.

  • Insert “VIRTUAL RUN”
  • Complete name and valid shipping address

Once registered, the committee will gladly mail you the Corn Fed custom-made medal! 100% of the proceeds will go to AFH!

PayPal Friends & Family ScreenshotAll About the Medals

For the second time in Corn Fed history, custom made medals were created especially for this event. The first time was in 2013. These medals are obviously only available to participants of the All for Hope Virtual 5k event which ends on August 31st at 12:00 a.m. CST.

Medals are 2.75″ double-sided, full color with sublimated ribbon. 100% of the proceeds will go to AFH! A running log of every AFH Virtual 5k entry will be kept as assurance that all proceeds accepted and donated are completely transparent.

All for Hope Virtual 5k Medal AFH Side All for Hope Medal Corn Fed Side“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.” ~ Barbara Mikulski

Join us in making a difference!


CORN FED Feet on the Street for National Running Day 2015 – June 3rd!

National Running Day 2015 ChallengeOn Wednesday, June 3rd runners all over the country will unite for their love of running. For the past six years, running enthusiasts and all sorts of athletes from across the nation have used this day — National Running Day — for group runs and gatherings. Now everyone knows that the Corn Fed family is filled with all sorts of athletes and a majority of them are “runners,” but the reality is that whether we’re training for a 5k, 10k, marathons, or obstacle course race (OCR), running is always part of our repertoire.

A little birdy recently told us that Kevin Jones, founder of the Crazy Muddy Muckers, challenged us to a friendly running competition in honor of National Running Day. We can’t name a Corn Fed that doesn’t truly enjoy a bit of friendly competition! What’s needed? Super-simple. We need you to get off the couches or seating preference of choice and hit the pavement running. More importantly, we need you to log your miles in the form below. Not kidding. It’s that simple. We don’t care if you run 1 mile, 10, 20 ;). Just get out and run, have fun, and represent in true Corn Fed style.

Running has always been known as a solo sport, something that people trained on their own. National Running Day is a great opportunity to emphasize the camaraderie as well as share the love of the sport with newbies and veterans alike. Now if that doesn’t sound like a Corn Fed call to arms, I don’t know what is ;).

See everyone on the trails this Wednesday, June 3rd and remember to LOG YOUR MILES! Can I get a CORN FED!

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Warrior Dash is the premier entry-level OCR. As one of the big 3 racing groups, alongside Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash has identified their target market and the service they offer.  When you sign up for Warrior Dash, you are signing up for a 3.1 to 3.5 miles distance trail race with up to 12 obstacles.  All obstacles are designed to provide a basic challenge to someone who has just been ripped of the couch and will be entering their first OCR.

Warrior Dash has been conducted in August or September in Crawfordsville, IN for the last 4 years.  Registration for 2015 is already open.  Prices for Warrior Dash are very reasonable.  Entry fees start at $40 the first week of registration and end at $90 on day of race.  Parking is $10.  For your entry fee, you are given the following free items:  medal, t-shirt, fuzzy helmet, and a beer.  You also get free pics and free bag check.  Registration and bag check are very smooth.  I’ve never saw an issue each year I’ve ran.  Something that makes Warrior Dash really worth the value is unlimited laps.  Warrior Dash is super flexible with heat times.  You can pretty much run whichever heat you like and as many as you like.  You receive a medal for each lap finished.   For return on investment, I give a rating of a 5.

The spectator area.  You will find your food and gear for sale, as well as a band playing.  Much to our disappointment, Warrior Dash has a pretty firm policy that they do not allow team tents.  Maybe they just haven’t figured out that the racing teams are the ones that bring in the most revenue.  Without allowing any team tents in the spectator area, I give this a 2.

As far as obstacles, expect relatively safe but also easy obstacles.  Warrior Dash posts on their website all obstacles that they may choose to use on each course.  Warrior Dash has added a new, capstone obstacle, Goliath, which is good.  It is a multi-level, several stage obstacle involving plank crossings, cargo net climbs, and a large slide into a pool of muddy water (be careful not to get this water up your nose or in your mouth).  Again, Warrior Dash is designed as an entry-level OCR.  For difficulty, I give the obstacles a 2.

The terrain of warrior dash is primarily conducted on trails in the woods.  There are a good amount of hills, so the terrain isn’t all flat.  With only 12 obstacles, sometimes Warrior Dash feels like a trail run with a few obstacles rather than a challenging OCR.  For the entry-level OCR racer, the terrain will be more challenging than a standard street 5K or trail race 5K.  I give the overall course a 3.

To summarize, Warrior Dash has defined their target market and they do a good job designing a course for that market.  For all of us who do many OCRs each year, to include more challenging courses, such as Dirt Runner, Tough Mudder, or Spartan Race, Warrior Dash still can fit into our schedules.  For new OCR racers, Warrior Dash is a great starting point.  Given the price ranging from $40 to $90 not counting any discount codes, Warrior Dash is an excellent race to consider for the race calendar.

Team Pic 1 Fire Jump 1 Fire Jump 2 Plank 1 Plank 2 Plank 3 Slide 2 Slide 1 Slide 3 Slide 4 Finish 1 Finish 2

Battlefrog Tri State New Jersey

The NJ venue was the well known Englishtown Raceway Park – home of the past three Worlds Toughest Mudders. This meant it was super easy to find on the GPS and there tons of local signage to find your way to the parking lot once you got there. They had plenty of parking ($10 per car) that was a short walk to the main entrance of the festival.


The race started out with a short run on pavement to the over-under-through section. From there the course went to a dirt bike track. Since it was raining at the time, the track was a muddy sloppy mess and it was very difficult to keep your footing. After running around the track for a bit we came to the jerry can carry. The cans were filled with water and weighed 40-50 pounds each. We had to carry the cans around more of the track including up some very slick, muddy hills. These small hills caused trouble for many racers, especially those without good footwear. Upon completing the jerry can loop we had to climb a very large A-frame ladder wall where the rungs were quite far apart. The obstacle was made harder by the fact that it was covered in rain and mud.

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     Mud Ninja is a “must run” obstacle course in the sleepy area of South Salem, OH. Located west of the city of Chillicothe, OH, the town of South Salem offers great terrain and a very nice landscape for Mud Ninja. Don’t expect to run through a stream during Mud Ninja, but rather expect to consistently trek up & down hills on a very narrow path. When rating this course, 1 will be the lowest rating for a category and 5 will be the highest.

     Mud Ninja is conducted one weekend each year at the end of July. It’s 5K and consists of approximately 25 obstacles. Upon arriving at Mud Ninja, you can expect good organization with parking followed by a smooth check-in at the different registration booths. One unique aspect about Mud Ninja is the registration process. When you register, you can either choose to be timed or untimed. Upon arrival at the registration check-in tents, there are separate tents for timed and non-timed runners. If you’re a non-timed runner, you very quickly move through the registration process. This kept both tents moving quickly. I’d rate the registration a 4 for efficiency.

     Mud Ninja has several unique obstacles. To keep with the “Ninja” theme, you will go over 2 slack line obstacles. Unless you’ve got good balance or have been practicing, you may end up wet. For anyone who does not like traditional monkey bars, Mud Ninja introduces you to Gorilla Bars. Instead of swinging bar-to-bar, plan on traversing a pit using 2 horizontal bars. And for the signature obstacle, Mud Ninja brings to you the obstacle they’ve named “American Ninja Warrior”. This obstacle was inspired by the Jump Hang from the American Ninja Warrior TV show. For this obstacle, get a running start, jump off a spring board across a ditch and onto a very short cargo net. This cargo net is intentionally short, forcing you to rely solely on upper-body strength to muscle up to the top of the platform. Just like in the American Ninja Warrior TV show, keeping your arms locked in at 90 degrees as you climbed the cargo net preserved upper-body strength. Climb to the top of the platform, feel like a champ for a minute, then down the other side to continue the race. These race-unique obstacles get an overall rating of 5 for both difficulty and uniqueness in an OCR.

     In addition the race-unique obstacles, expect to see many of your favorite obstacles, such as the Troylean Traverse, balance beam logs, ditches and hills, etc. For the terrain, one word: HILLS. The hills in Mud Ninja were definitely challenging. You spend a good amount of time going down or climbing up hills at decent grades. Upon completing the race, each finisher, whether timed or untimed, received a finisher’s medal consisting of a throwing star on a ribbon. For all timed runners, there were many different categories to win in, between top 3 overall and top per age group. Many of the top winners were awarded a ceremonial Samurai Sword. I give the overall course and race rewards a 4.

     To summarize, Mud Ninja presented a good combination of unique obstacles along with more familiar ones with their own twist. For an overall rating of an OCR, Mud Ninja deserves a 4. Mud Ninja does not rise to the difficulty of Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, but is an excellent and very challenging OCR. Given the consistent hilly terrain and price ranging from $27 to $69 not counting any discount codes, Mud Ninja is an excellent race to consider for the race calendar.

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