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I May Die .. From Beginner to Spartan Death Race

I May Die .. From Beginner to Spartan Death Race

**NOTE**  Barbie is not only a classmate I graduated with in high school, she is a Spartan Race Street Team Member and her first Spartan Race will be the Midwest Super which will be a true test to everyone.  Please enjoy this read and as ever, follow her blog here



My life as I take on Spartan Races, from a complete beginner to the death race in two years is my goal. I am doing this to honor a friend of mine who would have loved to do it herself, she is in need of serious brain surgery and can not even hike the woods like she loved to do, so this is for her. She will be there at the finish line of Death Race 2014, to collect her medals!!

“You WILL DIE!!” … followed by a good round of laughter.


“You WILL DIE!!” … followed by a good round of laughter.

     Yep, that is the response I received when I announced my personal goals. While driving through lower Michigan I surprised my sister by announcing my latest hare-brained idea. I had spent a couple of months thinking about it, could i really do this?
Inspiration came at long last, my best friend may be dead by the time I run my first race. No one knows this, until now. And I will not name her, but she knows who she is. This is something that years ago we both would have seen once, and jumped in head first. For years she has been there for the crazy adventures I have schemed up.. so this time, I’m going to do it solo.. because for once in our lives, she cant do it herself.
I am signed up to do the Spartan Sprint in Indiana, 2013. Crossing the finish line is the main goal, with a Trifecta in my dreams for my first year competing. I have a year to get myself ready, this blog will be the place where both the public and my friend can keep up with me.
First off, lets get this out of the way. When someone says run, there had better be a good reason for it, like my life is in danger… I am NOT a sports fanatic or the go to the gym and work out kind of girl. I AM a hiker and climber, backwoods trails and rocks to climb.. bring them on!!
So, this year is for you, because you can’t do it with me, I will do it for you. When I cross the finish line of the Death Race, I’m hoping you are there to crack me up and hand me water. If I can do this, you can beat anything too!


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