Spartan Race Fenway Park Timed Trial by: Candie Bobick

Soooo… it’s been awhile since I’ve written. What better way to bring me back than one of the most amazing days I’ve had the joy of living so far this life.  After a long, long drive… 16ish hours and very little sleep… 4ish hours, so many memories were made.

A group of Cornfed Spartans decided it would be an awesome idea to drive to Boston and run the 1st ever Spartan Race Timed Trial INSIDE Fenway Park.  Cool right?  You have no idea!  At about 6:30am we were able to hear music from the park, which was right across the street from our hotel.  As we crowded in the window we could see Spartans running along the walkways and stopping just long enough to pick up huge water jugs to then carry down and back up stairs.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself!  We met up with the rest of our team and made our way over to Fenway Park.  Registration was awesome, gear was killer, the air was alive with excitement.  First of all to be able to run a Spartan Race inside a 100 year old Stadium was Epic enough, but to be able to it with some of the greatest people I have ever known brought it to an entirely new level.

Pictures, laughter, anxiety… is my bib on straight?  I hate when my bibs not straight!  Everyone ready?  Wait!  I have to pee!  In line before we know it and ready to go!  No one had any idea what to expect, we were just ready to kill it!  At the start… first obstacle?  10 burpees!  I love burpees!  We got this!  I almost lost my teeth at one point during the over / under stretchy cord obstacles that seemed to go on forever!  Leave it to me to get my ankle twisted up in 2 of them!  We may or may not have mooned each other at one point too.  Yup, full moon!  There was a water jug carry and of course in Cornfed Style those that finished early went to get their teammate’s jugs to help.  We had 6, 7, and 8 foot walls.  We ALL made it over. There was running up and down stairs, in between rows, ball slams, hand release pushups, 500 meter row, more burpees, rope climb, herculean hoist, ladders, cargo nets, spear throw, traverse wall, ball throw, 20 pound rope jump rope- yea, that sucked, 60 pound sandbag carry up and down the aisles…which of course no sandbag was left behind, lift and carry heavy shit, more burpees, box jumps… I live for this stuff!!!  We had a pretty major injury on a 6 foot wall, but the determination was so fierce to finish and get that Trifecta that there was no stopping!  The finish is right around the corner, but first… The Gladiator Pit!  I was talking shit and then charged them!  Of course, they ignored me and went after my friends.  I was hoping they were going to take me out and let my teammates go… wrong!

As we hugged and smiled and posed for pictures we had no idea what was still waiting at the end.  We lost a teammate and we were all yelling at him to “Get over here for pictures!”  He finally came over and before anyone even realized what happened, he was on one knee, holding up the most beautiful ring to the most beautiful woman, while our Junior Cornfed Spartans stood behind us with the signs that read, “Maribel, Will You Marry Me?” TEARS!  I looked up and caught my teammate mirroring my happy tears and it was like time stopped!  Of course, she said yes as the announcer yelled out, ” We have a Cornfed proposal!”  Words truly cannot capture how perfect everything was at this exact moment!!!!
I have had many pretty cool life experiences, I have made many friends, I have traveled all over the place, I have experienced good and bad… Nothing compares to the love I have for my Cornfed Spartan Family and the experiences we have shared and the memories we have made.  The best part?  This is just the beginning! Missy, Laura, Sarah, Maribel and Rick… thank you so much for making this race the best one so far!  I only hope I have encouraged and motivated you even half as much that you all have me!  The rest of my Cornfed Family…. please know, not a day goes by that I don’t realize how lucky I am and how truly grateful I am to have each and every one of you in my life!   Thank you for welcoming me into your family and running with me, pulling me, pushing me, guiding me and loving me!  I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for us!

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