My Road to The Death Race Entry 4

Huff 50K MapI was contemplating all day, while I was at work, whether or not to go outside for my measly little 3 mile run.  As 5:00 rolled around, my decision was made, what does the outside have that I have not been through already?  Nothing, as far as I was concerned.  As I he

aded out, the cold didn’t seem as bad as it had earlier and my mind was ready to get lost.  This time, it really didn’t but what it did focus on was the people out shoveling driveways.  It always made me smile to see that, most of them were father’s with their sons just having a good time picking the snow up with their shovel and flinging it wherever it went.  Funny the stuff you notice when you go out for a run!  I also noticed the people with snow blowers and, I am not judging, but they were also the ones who noticed me and would always shake their head like there was a screw loose.  They just don’t see what its like to have their eyes opened…over the past year and a half, that is one of the most important things I have learned.  Obviously, it is a figure of speech, but to really be able to see things differently in the sense of just being one with the things around you.  Hearing your steps on a run…while being in perfect harmony with the music…and each foot placement is precise….and every touch to the pavement is just forward of the arch for perfect weight distribution.  That is something I have been priding myself on is getting the logistics of running down…..enter slippery as shit roads equals great training.  Shorter footsteps and don’t step down as hard.  Those were my exact thoughts as I ran today.  All I can say is that I hope the race this weekend will have lots of snow and ice to make it that much harder..


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