My Road to The Death Race Entry 5

Strength-SymbolToday, running consisted of going to the gym to do hill repeats on the treadmill.  Not ideal, but with the lack of hills with any length to them in our area of Indiana, that is the best way to get a great uphill sprint.  Today’s workout really had me thinking about the Huff 50K this weekend and whether or not there were hills.  I don’t remember any which makes this run a little easier in my mind.  Funny…how we say that more and more.  Never mind the projected high of 24 degrees, or that the race is 95% trails with the only road we run on is from one trail to another.  This is the first ultra I did with doing this last year.  I didn’t know what to expect and it scared me and that fear is what got me through it.  This year, after doing multiple races, attempting the Spartan Race Ultra Beast, and completing the Legend of The Death Race Training Camp, I come into this weekend more focused on what I need to do to make my 5 hour goal time.  What drives me?  Several things….my beautiful fiance, our boys, me, and the Corn Fed Spartans.  These people in my life are positive and without them, my life would be worth a lot less.  This past year, I feel very lucky because I was able to get hired by an awesome employer before I graduated from college, I witnessed Laura go above and beyond what she ever thought she could with finishing the Vermont Beast along with several other races, and I made more friends of like mind then I ever thought possible.  Thank you, everyone, for your friendship…it does not go unnoticed or forgotten.  I feel bad I can’t get to everyone quickly but you are on my mind always.  Thank you, Laura, for being my rock and for loving me through it all.  With every finished race I witness, I see the your pride and confidence grow.  You inspire me to be a better person and man!


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