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Corn Fed Spartans Meet Legend of the Death Race 2012 Part III
Featured Corn Fed: Wendy Macleod

Corn Fed Spartans Meet Legend of the Death Race 2012 Part III

My thinking was in the right place as was Rodrigo. Problem was, my legs were telling me to piss off. I had never been a strong runner and this was proving it. As Rodrigo pulled away, I was cussing at myself and pissed that I wasn’t able to turn it up. I finished a few 1077_10151253167303766_723562506_nminutes behind everyone so not terrible and I knew my overall time was still putting me close to T.J.

Our next task was to do the strong man competition again, thankfully, not for time. It felt like more of a break than anything even though I felt like I went through it pretty quickly. The heavy stuff was definitely something I had been training for and I felt in my element when it came to that type of thing. With the sun up and shining, we all felt more rejuvenated and ready for what lay ahead. What lay ahead, after the strong man, was more wood chopping…….and more wood chopping! Enough to fill 2 pallets, which just seemed like an eternity but with the sun, friends, and family being there, it went pretty smoothly with all of us trading laughs, getting pictures taken, and our conversations turning into locker room talk more often than not made things very uplifting.

The next task was interesting. Stage 8 had us taking yet another hike to Indian Lake with us not knowing exactly what was in store for us. Another 3-4 miles on the legs and we reached the edge of the Lake as were prompted to go for a bit of a swim to retrieve keys stuck in ice cubes. The three of us decided it was probably best to strip down to our bare essentials so we could keep our clothes dry. The 54150_10152244097115582_1307454875_ofirst set of iced keys was thrown fairly close to shore, which did not really help because the water was hypothermia cold. The second set was thrown out what we thought swimming distance. Luckily, it was only a little over waist deep, but I think it took my goods off guard and was like a turtle’s head when it gets attacked and snapped right back inside itself. Just spending that little amount of time in the water and my legs were already getting numb with how cold the water was. I don’t think any of us would have finished if we would have had to swim that lake…

One thing that was not a stage but that we were required to do was pick up all the flags from everywhere we had went the previous 16 hours. So, the three of us started our trek back up the hill to the Chapel, picking up flags and signs and trading off putting them in each other’s buckets. We enjoyed the scenic view from atop the place only hours before we did hundreds of burpees. We continued along the all the paths picking up as we went. With it being a Saturday, several people with dogs were there, very happy, always inquisitive as to what we were doing and saying hi, have a nice day. I have no idea how long we were out there doing that but it probably took us a few hours to get everything and get back to base.

169462_10152243839985582_1042539917_oNow it was time to bust open the ice cubes and get the keys to unlock the box that would tell us what stage 9 would have us do. What could be worse than what we had already gone through? Nothing, right? Well, we thought so too, until we read what Tony had written on the backside of a piece of bark. Three mile hike…not bad, huh? Except that was not all of it….add our gear AND both our sand pills in our bucket and that is one hell of a 3 miles. At that point, the three of us knew the end was near and were ready for it. So, we started hiking with it and it was going pretty well until the handle of my Home Depot bucket broke and could not be put back on…thank God of

55591_10152244277235582_2090962585_o (1)

T.J.’s generosity. The way his pack was, his bucket fit into his pack to create a sort of base allowing him to not have to worry about carrying it by the handle. He promptly switched buckets with me and we continued. By the way T.J., I still have your bucket if you want it and thank you. Considering how much we all were sore and tired and, well, you know, we were not beat. As we approached the end, I was getting that feeling that things were going to get a little heated for the finish.

55607_10152244364075582_1946236228_oStage 10, the final stage, was an all-out competition to see who would get done first. I did not quite realize it till it was too late, which I feel could have been the reason I did not win, maybe I still would not have, it’s just the competitive side coming out in me, and I hate losing! It started off with 100 dive bombers and 100 full sit-ups (which I still think is bad for your back and voiced it then. Sorry Tony, I think it may have been more me being tired than anything.) T.J. was in the lead from the beginning and I was roughly 15-20 behind him. I did not realize until I took off after him for our 1.5 mile run that this was the finale. I took off and knew I was catching him. I also knew that Rodrigo, once done, would be going all out to so I knew I needed to get 54247_10152244485890582_746744300_osome distance between him and I. At the turnaround and I was still catching up to T.J. From there we stayed about the same distance apart pacing each other. Seemed like every time I would pick up the pace so would T.J. Great job to T.J.


for his 1st place and I finished right after he did. Thankfully, we finished when we did because Rodrigo was flying to catch up. Great job Rodrigo!



With this being my first 20+ hour event, I know I can go longer and harder. I am tailoring my training to maximize every ounce of myself for longer events. My thanks goes to Tony for creating this event to let us know where we are at and help us find out what needs done to go further. Thank you Chad for offering up your place for us to stay and allowing us to help you chop wood…lol! Thanks to all competitors for being there and pushing yourself because it made me do the same. All I can say is that this kind of racing is where it’s at. I found myself searching for and reaching deep inside to go on. If you ever talked with my Laura, she would tell you I am not one that says I’m done. I am a hard-nosed, stubborn person and I have plenty of people and things from my past and present I can go to, either positive or negative, that will not allow me to stop. This May, a beast if coming, will you be there?

Featured Corn Fed: Wendy Macleod

Featured Corn Fed

By: Wendy Macleod

What was your first OCR?
Spartan Sprint June 2012

What is your next OCR?
Spartan Beast December 9th 2012

Wendy, please tell us more about yourself.

I guess the thing that defined me the most was being sick.  I learned more about me… I had to if I was going to be healthy again.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 years ago.. at the time I had been training for a marathon. Then the pain was really bad and the doctor told me to stop.. it took a while to be diagnosed and I had to retire from my job.
I spent the next  3 years eating ice cream  and watching TV. I was on canes, afraid to leave my home in case I fell.. couldn’t walk much and was looking at purchasing a scooter. I gained a lot of weight.. I was depressed.
My life felt useless, my young daughter could not even hug me without me wincing in pain. My marriage went from bad to worse.

Finally I decided I was done with that.. I wanted ME back!
I stopped eating bad food, drank lots of water and started walking… in a few months I left that relationship and was looking forward to being happy.
NOPE!  3 months later I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The next year was all surgeries and chemo and radiation. I got up and walked 35 KM ( no training) to raise awareness for women’s cancer in the middle of all this. I’m stubborn what can I say?

I lost what little muscle I had due to the chemo but slowly I got myself back together and joined a gym. That’s where I saw an ad for the Spartan Sprint. 3 weeks before the Sprint I asked the trainer to train me to do it. I didn’t care about my time.. this was me getting ME back and telling not only Cancer that I kicked it’s butt but also Fibro!

It took me 55 minutes to do it. I felt like a rock star. My daughter was a Spartan Princess and she put my medal around my neck! It was so awesome!
Now I just want to do more. I did the Super in NJ…decided last minute so no real training for that and am now going for the Beast on December 9th which will be my 51st birthday!!

I may be slow but I wont’ quit!  This Canadian girl is stubborn! I’m looking forward to meeting some of you face to face if you are still there on the 9th and doing more races. I feel alive and found ME in that mud!! The Beast will also mean my Trifecta!

Next time you see Wendy on the obstacle course be sure to say hi! We would like to thank Wendy for her time and for sharing a little piece of her story with the rest of us. Keep up the amazing work, Wendy! We’ll see you again soon at the next race!

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