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Featured Corn Fed: Marcus Miller

Featured Corn Fed: Marcus Miller

Featured Corn Fed
By: Marcus Miller

What was your first OCR? SR Midwest in October of 2011

What is your next OCR? SR Indiana

Tell us more about yourself, Marcus.
I’m a 23 year old male nurse, in a long term care pediatric unit of a medium sized childrens hospital, I am there more than anywhere else, i usually am there to wake em up and get em ready for the day, and even as far as bedtime stories, or guarding from monsters (i make a darn good protector from things that go bump in the night) but I was a failure as a youth, but I have always had my goals set high, i was 250 pounds (combined, squat, deadlift, and bench press) away from a junior olympic weightlifting spot in 2006, 2 fights away from a golden glove award and a pro bout, and a knee injury away from competing for a state championship in high school wrestling (189 pounds!), I have only ran 2 obstacle course races due to finances, but im working on doing a few this year. I was apart of the petition for the founders race and man has it evolved from there, you guys are amazing, and even though im not as athletically gifted as you all endurance,speed wise, i make sure everyone gets over an obstacle before i do, meeting you guys was great, and i cant wait for my corfed round 2.

Next time you see Marcus on the obstacle course be sure to say hi! We would like to thank Marcus for his time and for sharing a little piece of his story with the rest of us. Keep up the amazing work, Marcus! We’ll see you again soon at the next race!

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