Da Hills!

Hills. The word sometimes used to refer to life’s obstacles, trials and tribulations. Us OCR racers use the term to identify…hills. Some big, some small, and, as with many things in life, when we talk about hills, size does matter. I write about this today following my race this past Saturday. This is two races now in a row that I failed to respect the hill. The first race was New Years day. I was not one bit prepared for the hills that loomed at me every step of the race.
Two days again, I faced the same thing. It was only one hill this time but it was a big, big hill, straight up into the sky as far as the eye could see. My Corn Fed buddies Dan, Jeff, And Phillip can attest to the enormity of said hill. We all see workouts telling us to incorporate hill training into your workouts, whether it is hill repeats or endurance running training. Both OCR training and marathon training work them into the routines. I am here to tell you to not ignore the advice.
A little bit of hill training for me could have made a big difference, if not just simply how to keep solid form and consistent pace, neither of which I had, and of which I became painfully aware of as, and I will call her The Lady in Gray, passed me effortlessly on the hill. The angst is more compounded by the fact she was probably 20 years older than me. (I hope I am moving that well in 20).
SO today I started my workout with a hill routine. A bit slower than my normal run, and a bit shorter but every bit as intense. I will not ignore the hills anymore. My advice is find that monster of a hill near you and take it on one day a week with everything you have. It can only help, and I venture to say some intestinal fortitude will be forged.

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  • Great post. Agree, I hated the hill. I was passed up by an elderly person in a walker, on oxygen, while smoking a cigarette.

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