The “F” word…my war on Fat

Fat, to be or not to be. Fat is that little three-letter word that causes us so much consternation. It sits on the fence of political correctness relegated to the ranks of vulgarity. Not quite one of George Carlin’s seven deadly words, but it is pushed out of the way by words like husky, big boned, thick, you get the idea. Reality is this, as long as we pretend to be not fat, we will stay fat. 65 million Americans are labeled as obese. What’s the old Shakespeare quote, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” Well, no matter how much “slimming” black you might cover yourself with it fools nobody. So here is the question, is being fat a lifestyle choice or unfortunate curse? Conventional thinking might say nobody chooses to fat. I am going to go out on a limb here and say yes…and no. Studies have shown that a child with two obese parents has a 70% chance of being fat as well. The statistic drops dramatically with only one obese parent, all the way down to 20% with neither parent being fat. I am willing to say environment plays a larger role than genetics. Now you will have those people who will be quick to say they take medication that makes them fat, hormonal issues make them fat, injuries prevent exercise so they can’t help but be fat (despite eating foot long sub sandwiches regularly). I will admit there are medical reasons that may make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. I am no doctor (but I did stay at A Holiday Inn Express recently) so I can’t comment on those reasons, but the simple truth is the vast majority of us are fat because we eat too much and move too little. Plain and simple. Oreo’s are tasty but not your friend.</p><p>But that is no excuse to abandon striving to create a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your individual situation, eating healthy and moving you body i.e. walking, jogging…any type of exercise, will only serve to improve your health. We have to make the choice to not be fat. Admit we have become fat and commit to do something about it. We have become a nation of excuses and excesses. I was one of the excuse makers and indulged in food excess…I was fat. It was hard to deny when I saw pictures of myself in my hockey jersey and it was tight (for those who are not hockey fans…the jersey should not be tight.) I am declaring my war on fat and make no apologies if my words cause you to shrink.

I am excited to be part of the Corn Fed Spartans and look forward to sharing my fitness journey with everyone on my way to Sparta and my adventure in finding my very elusive abs!

</p><p>Jeffrey</p><p>Previously fat guy</p>

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