The Corn Fed Road to the Huff 50K


I have never been conventional…

After losing 100 pounds since last June, I knew that I needed to keep challenging myself lest I lose momentum and tumble back to my large-ess manliness. I have never, EVER, been a fan of running. It was painful, it was miserable, and I S-U-C-K-E-D at it. That was until I got tired of being out of shape. I couldn’t run away from a zombie horde if the apocalypse ever happened (yes, I have a paranoid crazy delusion/love affair with zombies).

I was quickly on my way to the grave (a friend reminds me of this all the time). After running a two martial arts school with my father for several years, my father passed away. It was a huge blow to me. Not only did I lose my father, the economy tanked. With a poor economy, having to change locations, and all ambition gone, the weight just piled on. I stopped caring. I was on the road to diabetes, cpap machines, and heart disease. I had a wake up call last year when I turned wrong in a chair and felt like my back went out. I was literally hunched over like Quasimodo and in pain. The chiropractor told me that my trouble was exacerbated by the excess weight. He recommend a weight loss program. A month later, I started it and haven’t looked back to those old ways.

So, last November on Thanksgiving, I started the C25K app on my iPhone. From there, I progressed to the 10K app. It all started because I remember a conversation I had with someone who was talking about military style obstacles races. Feeling a little intimidated that I couldn’t run nor get my fat butt over, under or through the obstacles really ticked me off. I don’t know if the person said it outright, or was it my subconscious kicking in, but I heard ‘You couldn’t do that Barnes.’

That is about all I needed to change gears. Challenge me. Tell me I am a loser, and I will do about anything to prove you wrong. I will explain my ‘Marty McFly’ syndrome on another post, lets just say it is deeply ingrained. That is where I am now. I started running to get myself in shape to run the Spartan Sprint on April 27th in Indiana. It will be my first obstacle race. I have ran a couple of 5K and 7k races ramping up to this event. I couldn’t have done it without my friends the Corn Fed Spartans. They are a source of inspiration. One of which specifically (Kathy Bacon) who inspires me so much to never give up!

After reading ‘Born to Run’, followed by ‘Eat and Run’, I started reading just about EVERYTHING there is out there on Ultra Marathons. Where I am in my training schedule is getting myself up to the marathon distance. My long run weekends to date go about 8+ miles.  People like Jonathan Nolan inspire me that I can continue to surpass my own limitations. So, I wanted to finish strong. What started out as just a goal to run a Spartan race on April 27th, has inspired me continue on my healthy journey. My goal is to learn my new limits and surpass them.

So, the Huff 50K is December 28th this year. I signed up because I know that it will be tough. It will challenge me. It will keep me focused on a long term goal so that I won’t easily give in and quit on myself. So, 50K? Yep. I am going to do this. I am going to wear that belt buckle EVERYWHERE!

Don’t think I can?

Tell me I can’t and I will prove you wrong!

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