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Featured Corn Fed: Tim White

Featured Corn Fed: Tim White

Featured Corn Fed

By: Tim White

What was your first OCR? Muddy Buddy (3 yrs. ago)

What is your next OCR? To Be Determined.

Tell us more about yourself, Tim.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim White and his two children, Colby (11) and Melanie (8) for our first father’s day edition newsletter. They are a very sweet family that truly enjoys spending time together. One of their favorite family activities is to have a game night that would consist of board games and movies.  Melanie’s favorite family night would consist of playing board games and Colby’s would be watching movies. They all enjoy being active in one way or another, Colby has been in baseball for 8 years and Melanie has been in gymnastics for 2 years. Another sport that Melonie enjoys is dancing, Colby enjoys basketball, football and track. In addition they have all participated in a series of race events. Colby’s favorite type of race would be anything muddy and Melanie’s is any type of obstacle course race. Their first family race was the Midwest Spartan Sprint and both Colby and Melanie were very proud of that event. Since then, Colby has done 3 OCRs and 3 road races and Melanie has done 2 OCRs and 1 road race! All three would love to go to Disneyland for a family race and in addition Colby would also love to go to Jamaica and Melanie would love to go to the rain forest for a family vacation.  I asked Tim what his favorite memory was to which he answered, there are so many, as a family it would probably be the Extreme Run last year when both kids surprised me by getting completely muddy while doing this OCR. Extreme Run was also Colby’s favorite race and Melanie’s favorite race was the Get Lucky 7k. Other than racing and family night, Melanie also loves to color and Colby loves to play on his x box. So when they aren’t at sporting events or at baseball or gymnastics you can find them having a nice time in the living room with their dad. Now that we have talked about almost everything there is only one more thing to mention, FOOD! Tim loves to have a boat full of sushi, Colby loves a plate or two of hot wings and Melanie loves an extra cheesy grilled cheese sandwich, sounds like a perfect menu!  Tim was asked what if anything he would love to pass down to his children, his answer was simple and true: be grateful for what you have, make the most of every moment and care about everyone around you… and with that we reach the end of our interview!  Would like to take a quick moment to wish Tim a healthy and speedy recovery from his recent injury in Indiana, Tim will be needing all the well wishes and support that we can send to him and his family.

Next time you see Tim on the obstacle course be sure to say hi! We would like to thank Tim for his time and for sharing a little piece of his story with the rest of us. Keep up the amazing work, Tim! We will see you again soon at the next race!

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