Why do I play in the Mud? And why I think you should too!

I was asked the other day why I like “playing” in the mud so much. Considering I’m the dress up and put on heels girl they were a little surprised by my obsession with Obstacle Course Races! Trust me, I never thought I’d be ‘Muddy Lilo’ either! But here’s how it all came about….

A few years ago I saw an article about the Warrior Dash and thought it looked like a fun idea. I talked about doing one off and on but didn’t make much of an effort at the time. I talked about a LOT of things I wanted to do but had a tendency to not follow through very well. Fast forward another year to the news that an Uncle had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Though devastated Uncle Tom ‘Mud’ Moore used his journey to take his bucket list and rock it out til the end. As his time neared he refused to give up his positive life attitude and encourage everyone to  “Stop and smell the roses and all that the Lord has given us; never have a bucket list full of things you want to do, start working on it now as life is to short, be able to turn the bucket over and start adding wonderful memories.”. I decided that he was right….it was time to start creating my own list.

As I worked on my ‘Livin’ Lovin’ Life List’ (for some reason I have never liked the bucket list term and hey, I have to be different anyway!) I added mud runs to it. As I added it I realized how fitting it really was, you see he became Uncle Mud because he had a habit of referring to me as “Hey, hey you, Mud” and it became a joke between us. I knew that he’d appreciate the amusement of it all as he watched from above.

Time went by and my list was worked on but then a major life change happened and I put it all aside for a while. My partner of 16 years and I were no longer together and for a little bit of time I just stopped everything, those who have been through this understand. But time heals and eventually I picked it back up again and started living.

In April of 2012 I made the decision to move 5 hours away and restart my life where I knew no one and had a new career to enter into. After I settled I saw that there was a Warrior Dash coming up in August, looked at my list and in my head I heard Uncle Mud telling me to get off my ass and go for it so I signed up. The addiction was just beginning!

A 3 hour drive with a wonderful new friend and I arrived at my first OCR ever. Nervous, excited, not in the best shape ever, but ready to try. Standing at the starting line and feeling the excitement around me I knew I was hooked. I made it through the Dash and by the time I made it back home I was already signing up for the 2013 one.

As you have seen from my previous blog I also signed up for the Spartan Sprint that recently occurred and what was a minor addiction became full fledged after that one. I have 6 more races on my schedule for the year, an amazing group of people (the Corn Fed Spartans) that I’m on a team with, a great friend who I’ve also started on the addiction, and a passion and zest for continuing to try new challenges.

Every race…at the starting line…I make a point to look up and say thank you to Uncle Mud for his bucket list suggestion and for the support (and laughter) I know he sends from his new home.

I encourage everyone….everyone….find something new to try. Explore the fun in life. It doesn’t have to be OCRs but look into your soul and find something that brings you to life and just LIVE. Believe in yourself and appreciate all that life has to offer you! Create your list and go after your dreams.

Have FUN in the Mud! And take a moment to become a part of an awesome family…join Corn Fed Spartans!


For you Uncle Mud!

For you Uncle Mud!

Warrior Dash 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

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