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Mudathlon Indianapolis… Where the mud is!

Mudathlon Indianapolis… Where the mud is!

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend and had the chance to get a little muddy and have a little fun!

June 29th I was signed up for the Mudathlon Indianapolis and I was excited! This was a race I hadn’t had the chance to experience before and even though I had to change venues due to a conflict in scheduling I still planned to have fun. This was the first race I had my Corn Fed Spartans jersey to wear so that was happy excitement for me as well!!



CFS jersey and Lilo style hot pink boots!

CFS jersey and Lilo style hot pink boots!

Due to my schedule change I had a crazy sort of plan going on to start with. I worked 12 hours the night before, changed clothes and hit the 3 hour drive to White River Paintball in Anderson, Indiana for the course. Rain along the drive slowed me down and I missed out on my team’s start time but hoped to catch them along the way.

Arriving at the site of the race the downpour of rain continued but I didn’t let it dampen my excitement. I trekked through the muck to head to the registration area and get my packet and bib number. I was pleased to see that both the start and finish were located along the same path so spectators could watch and enjoy. There was a huge, long mud pit that I looked forward to experiencing later.

Registration was a little frustrating, they didn’t have me listed so I had to stand in a long line and cost myself even more time filling out papers again (I was on a time schedule because I had to be back at work for the evening as well). But finally I had my number and my bag of goodies (t shirt, beer coozie, and bumper sticker) and after trekking back to the car to put those away I headed for the starting line.

There wasn’t a big gathering at the start but I’m thinking the rain might have been a factor (though, it’s a mud run and rain just makes it better!). I met two awesome ladies who were doing their very first OCR and were a bit nervous about it. We talked a bit and since they were new and I had missed the Corn Feds that were there I decided to just hang with them. I’m not in these for the time anyway and helping people who were new was much more fun!

T & Em

T & Em


DOC me, we appreciate them!

DOC Nurses…trust me, we appreciate them!


About the race itself…

The good…

The mud! Oh the mud was so slick and slippery and everything you want when you’re doing something like this. The obstacles were okay but the mud was perfect!

New faces, new friends! I was so excited to be running with T & Em who I met at the start and hearing how much fun they were having. Crossing the obstacles together and helping one another is what it’s all about for me!

The rope crossing was a favorite obstacle. It had two ropes, one for feet and one to hold onto and you had to shimmy across. It might not seem like much but when caked with mud it was a fun challenge.

The mud pit! This was one of the best mud pits I’ve been in yet. The terrain underneath was unpredictable, it was long enough that you had to work your way through it and it was deep enough that it gave everyone a workout. Nice job!

Free parking! Thank you! And a great job by those who were directing us to the parking.

The showers…though they were cold the set up was nice and spaced out and there were quite a few showers so wait time was very minimal. The only thing that would have helped more would have been to maybe have some boards or something set up to walk on so you didn’t go right back into the mud.


The not as good…

I personally felt there was a lot of obstacle repetition, but that’s my opinion. We climbed over giant wooden spools at least three times and hay bales a few as well. One “obstacle” was a log, you walked over it. It wasn’t really a big log or one with lots of branches, it was just…a log.

There were a few walls as well and I like walls usually, they give me a chance to see just how short I really am (very!). The only issue I had with the walls was the top grip was so wide that it was hard to get a good handhold on. I will admit to skipping around them after the first ones. I just could not get a grip to pull over.

The MC was ok but the enthusiasm felt a little lacking. I love when you have someone up there who is pumping you up and getting you excited to start your race. However, that could have been just the one heat and it was raining. The MC at the finish line was excited and encouraging us along the last bit so that helped as well!

My camera died. 5 minutes into the race. Sigh.

Hay Bale Hell!

Hay Bale Hell!

But on other notes…..

The medal is awesome! Heavy and a beer bottle opener..that rocks!



Overall it was a fun race despite the few minor issues. I got to get muddy and have fun and meet new people and that’s what it’s all about for me!


Next up ….the Patriot Challenge on July 6. It’s my birthday weekend and there is no better way I can think of to celebrate it then playing in the mud! More to come!


Until then believe in YOU! Get muddy and have fun!!!


Lilo88  Muddy and Lovin’ it!


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