Lilo’s OCR Camping Tips and Thoughts!

Having people who know HOW to set up the tent helps!

Having people who know HOW to set up the tent helps!


Next weekend is another fun race, Warrior Dash Indiana, and I have a few people from work who are coming to this one. To make life easier and answer all the questions I could I created a camping/ocr list for everyone. In doing so I realized that it might be a good idea to share with all of Corn Fed as well. I’m sure I don’t have everything on here so please feel free to comment or email me ( with suggestions and add ons.

Here is my list (and comments of course):



Tent (Bass Pro has some nice small ones for a decent price if you don’t have one)

Tent stakes

Sleeping bags/air mattress (don’t forget the air pump!)



Folding chairs

Flashlight and/or lantern

Batteries for flashlight

Grill if you have one

Charcoal/lighter fluid/lighter

Fire starter for campfire

Cooking/eating utensils

Paper plates




Toilet paper (trust me on this, the campgrounds that have restrooms use the cheap stuff!)

Knife (just because it’s good to have!)

Trash bags (and please take your trash to the proper area to dump)


A grill is a must!

A grill is a must!


CLOTHING (and etc):

FOR THE RACE (I assume you’ll have a list of what other clothes you want for the rest of the time)

Tshirt or tank (even if it’s chilly you WILL get warm)

Shorts or capris (I advise compression shorts or capris because you don’t want chafing as you’re navigating through obstacles but that’s a personal choice.) You don’t want to wear sweatpants at all…you WILL get bogged down with mud if you do. (Added on for the blog…or in the case of some of our CFS guys…Ranger Panties).

Shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Again..a personal decision on this one. Some of us wear combat style boots, cleats, running shoes (you want ones that have a little grip though, smooth is not always good) or whatever you choose. Remember they WILL get muddy but mud washes out. Many of the races have an area you can donate your shoes to when done.

Good socks, the kind made to run in. This is not a day to wear thin socks or loose socks!

Hydration pack (that’s your call, there are water locations on the route but if you want to pack it…do it!)

Sunscreen (always a good idea)

Sunglasses are up to you but I recommend cheap ones since they may get lost/broken

Waterproof camera if you choose…cool to get those muddy pics

Shoes to change into after the race (flops or something easy to get in/out of is the best idea)

After race clothing (there is usually an area to wash off but you’ll still be pretty muddy until you hit a real shower). (and this include underclothing…trust me on this, you want to change those!).

Trash bag for your muddy clothes



Washcloth or the like to scrub off with



Alcohol (as in the drinking kind)


Band-Aids or first aid kit


Q tips (mud gets in your ears, I promise!)

Baby wipes (great for a lot of things)

Insect repellant


Extra glasses/contacts

Lip balm

More soap (in case you forget it at the race)


Hand sanitizer


Radio (more batteries)

Allergy medicine

Emergency contact list (keep with your items)

Ziploc type bags (another handy item)


Campground phone number

Phone numbers of contacts you’re camping with


Don't forget pans to cook in!

Don’t forget pans to cook in!

So what’s missing? What do you bring to each camp/race?

Looking forward to seeing those who will make it next weekend…..CORN FED!!

Muddy Love and Ohana!     ~Lilo~

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