The Day a family of CornFed Spartans changed me!

DSC0245450 days ago I was sitting on my couch – deflated – broken at 43 from life.  I was watching Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell and a couple participated in The Warrior Dash.  I turned to my 16 year old daughter and said, “I have always wanted to do something like that!”  She said, “Let’s do it!” Me not being in shape and so deflated from a nasty divorce three years ago felt like, “yeah right!”  However I found myself googling it and next thing I know I had paid the entry fees to take on The Warrior Dash in Crawfordsville.  I knew my only goal was to finish and I had already picked out several obstacles I was going to go around – believing I couldn’t do all of them.  I went to a dietician and started eating right – then to the gym. For the next 47 days I only focused on upper body strength and endurance.  On Saturday I started out being joined by my 16 year old daughter and my sister for support. I was surprised at first that I seemed to be okay. Then to this “God created obstacle” of a mud drop and then to climb up the other side.  Getting down was okay but as I stood in this valley looking up I had no idea how that was going to happen. Then there appeared this man with this “Spartan shirt with corn” saying come this way.  He showed me where half way up was a ledge. I made it. Then another man reached down and helped me the rest of the way.  People with the same shirts were telling me good job.  I was so thankful and we talked about these nice people as we continued.  More obstacles came and went and then the Barricade Breakdowns – three sets in a row.  Somehow I made it over the first two but when I got to the final wall I was ready to go around.  I didn’t want to but I was exhausted.  Just as I was about to go around a man in one of those shirts appeared and said, “Here let me help – as he got down on his knee.”  I said, “Oh thank you no I am to heavy to step on your leg” He insisted and as I took to his knee and made it over the tears began – he simply said, “You are going to make it!” At that moment I found strength and continued the Dash with determination.  Toward the end with the battlefield behind me we approached the Giant Cliffhanger.  I was petrified but it was the one obstacle that I truly wanted to accomplish.  There was a line and I was walking back and forth sizing it up.  As I waited I began to get scared beyond belief. There again were these individuals in these “Spartan” like shirts and there was a team of them.  They were positioned strategically up the Giant Cliffhanger assisting their teammates and anyone who needed help. I became overwhelmed with emotion because I wanted to make it more than anything.  I didn’t want to fail in front of my 16 year old or feel defeated within myself.  I began to cry.  That is when it happened – a “Spartan lady” came over and comforted me and asked me why I was crying. I said, “I just want to do this.”  She said, “And you will!”  Finally my turn came and I grabbed the rope and up I went with a team of “CornFed Spartans” there to assist on the ground cheering I couldn’t believe it – I made it!  Once I got to the top I just laid there and cried for what seemed like an eternity before continuing down where I was welcomed by a team – not a team I came with – but a team I will never forget.  In that moment I assure you that my life was changed forever.  I don’t know your names or where you come from and perhaps will never see you again but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Respectfully, Heather Rice

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