Dirt Runner – Warrior Rush 2013 Review


Name: Robin Koronka

Event Name: Warrior Rush @ Dirt Runner

Event Details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag, etc.):

Lots of parking!!!  Great food…so I’m told…great DJ …and awesome personalized attention!!
Race Details (length, obstacles, difficulty, etc.):

This is coming from an OCR newbie but this course was INTENSE!!!!  The natural terrain here is enough to make this course a challenge but incredibly fun, in a sick sort of way, and the obstacles…well let’s just say, to me, they looked like Mt. Kilimanjaro!!!!  My husband, who is way more advanced than I, was equally challenged in his much faster trek through the course as our 8 year old daughter and I who set out to have fun and complete the race before sunset.  There was mud around every turn and the elevation changes were as abundant as the mud!  I am looking forward to attending a training day so as to gain more confidence/ skills on the obstacles.
I highly recommend this course!!  Everyone from beginner to advanced racers will be challenged throughout this course!!!

Rating: 5 Stars (Excellent)

What would make this race better?:

Better marking/ boundaries in some of the overlapping areas.  Better timing methods…for those that are concerned about time. 😛

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