Mudocalypse Indiana 2013 Review


Name: Ryan Fish

Event Name: Mudocalypse

Event Details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag, etc.):

Parking – The area to park was well identified and easy to get to. However, I think

that the parking could have been a little closer up and not in the back corner of the field but not bad. Reminded me of the parking at RFYL in Kinghtstown.
Facilities – The facilities were good for what was able to be around. Enough port-o-jons to go around
Vendors – Avocare, US Army, and Wounded Warrior Project were a great part of being there. Advocare with the hand out samples of the Rehydrate was real big hit and tasty too. US Army Recruiting from Indianapolis had a great display and setup for a push-up competition and free give-me’s as well. The Wounded Warrior Project came out a little later and missed a few of the people that had already passed but still good to see them out there.
Schwag was excellent with the TShirt, Medal, and everything else in the goodie bag. I did like that that the 1 female runner for the competition also received a UA head band. Nice give.
The food, drinks and rest area all was FREE and only donations were asked for. The burgers were excellent and enough chips, drinks and of course BEER to go around. Yes the beer was free too. Bananas, bottled water and Advocare Rehydrate were ready at the finish and awesome to receive.

Race Details (length, obstacles, difficulty, etc.):

The courses of the race was well marked and planned. The different lengths were however a little confusing. At first we were told to act as NASCAR and keep making all lefts and we would be running the longer course. Other were told to do 3 lefts and a right and another left to take the longest route but no matter what we all knew that if you keep making all rights, it would be as short as a girls prom dress. The difficulty of the different obstacles were good. Not too hard and not to easy. I was however looking for the tire drag and disappointed when i didnt find it, also the sand bag carry could have been longer or added to something to plus up the difficulty level. The walls, boxes and the 1 mud pit were great and the TEAM challenges were something new that I have not seen in many OCR’s. I did see the “slide” but did not see how to get around to it so just had to cut through. I was expecting deeper water but was good enough for some. Over all, great beginning being the first ever Mudocalypse. NEEDS more mud. The one water point was well put, great location and check in was easy to find.

Rating: 4 Stars (Great)

What would make this race better?:

More mud, volunteers that knew that outlay of the course and the difference of long and short. Might think of putting either “short” , “long”, or the number of obsticals on each of the arrows to allow for the ones that want to hit the bigger number of obsticles or put in more ground work. Great race non-the-less, cant wait to see you next time and see if any changes in place. Maybe a different area to add some hills or steep inclines and not so flat.


Name: John Koklas

Event Name: Mudocalypse

Event Details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag, etc.):

Parking was $10 and bag check in $5. Army, Advocare and Wish for our heros all had booths.  The goodie bag that had race bib and T-shirt was awesome. Decal, coozie, bracelet, pen & much more.

Race Details (length, obstacles, difficulty, etc.):

A little longer than a 5k. More like 3.5 miles. Some obstacles were challenging. Not too difficult. 8ft wall, inverted walls, military crawl, tire carry through creek and sandbag carry were some of the obstacles

Rating: 3 Stars (Average)

What would make this race better?:

It was a good race for their first time. They really wanted people’s input on the course at the finish so it showed me they care enough to make it better.  Medals could’ve been better and course wasn’t marked very well but I think with more turnout and sponsors it could be big. Will do it again next year. Great family course too.

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