Atlanta Spartan Sprint 2014 Review

All I can say is what a weekend to be a Corn Fed Spartan! Throughout the two days of racing at the Georgia International Horse Park, Corn Fed Spartans were showing that we were not going anywhere and that we are banding together to become stronger and better than before. On Saturday, seven Corn Fed Spartans braved one of the muddiest courses to date on the Spartan Race schedule. Our wave left at mid-morning with a newbie, first time Spartan racer and was ready to show her the ropes (literally in this case). In true Corn Fed fashion, the seven of us not only helped our fellow brothers and sisters, but helped others along the course.

The race itself was definitely challenging as the first obstacle you came within the first 100 yards was a mixture of mini walls (1 foot tall) that you stepped over and into water pits. Not only were you up to your knees in water, but it was FREEZING. That set the tone for the rest of the race for sure. The hills along the course were not that difficult which was good, but some of the newer obstacles that I have never seen were introduced on this course. The first new obstacle was a set of over and under walls. Another new obstacle was a wall that you climbed over onto a platform and then through the wall on the other side while racers were crawling under the platform you were standing on. The typical Spartan Race entrance which used to be a cargo net you crossed over was replaced with 2×4 planks that you now step on to bridge the entrance. And don’t worry they made the gaps between the 2x4s big enough to see everyone crossing underneath!

For the grand finale on the course, there was a very long, very muddy barbed wire crawl with extremely low barbed wiring. The barbed wire was so low that on returning the next day Corn

Fed noticed that the wire had actually been raised a bit from the previous day. After finishing two waves on the first day, I couldn’t believe how much mud I had accumulated on my clothes, shoes, and body. This by far was one of the muddiest courses I have ever seen in the two years of running Spartan Races.

On Sunday, a new group of Corn Fed came all the way from Tennessee and Indiana to show our spirit and do what we do best….help others conquer the course. Eleven Corn Feds took to the course mid-morning on Sunday to tackle the obstacles and help as many people as possible. Not only did we help our fellow Corn Fed, we were challenged to help an additional two people at pretty much every obstacle we encountered. I think the biggest moment for all of us on the team was helping out a mother and son team over two sets of walls. The son appeared to be terrified of the height of the walls and once he was on top of the wall was having a lot of trouble getting down. Corn Fed stepped up to the challenged and was able to not only help him down one wall, but off the second wall to his mother’s delight. It must have been memorable for her as she sought out one of our members to tell her story and how happy she was that we had helped. And I am proud to report, she is now Corn Fed!

Another amazing moment on the course on Sunday was racing next to Alicia Keyes and her crew. Numerous times we encountered her and her crew at different obstacles and even joked around with her a bit and did burpees with some of her crew. Definitely shows that anyone is willing to get down and dirty with Spartan races.

All in all, the Atlanta Spartan Race was just what Corn Fed needed to show our spirit, our identity, and how this team is going to get through the tough time and come out on top…bigger, better, and stronger. That day I remembered why I joined Corn Fed and why come hell or high mud I was staying Corn Fed.

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