How I Became a Spartan

It was winter of 2012. December I think. I had checked in at my gym at anytime fitness for the 500th time. I had lost a bunch of weight, and was feeling pretty darn good about myself. To say I had become a little over-confident wouldn’t be overstating at all.

Well, a good buddy of mine, Teddy Kuschner, had decided to inbox me and tell me how proud he was of me for all my progress and that I looked great! He then told me I should join his team and do a spartan race with him. Me being over-confident, I agreed without doing any research.

 I said,”Hell yeah, I am in”.
I said,”Hell yeah, I am in”. Well I then started doing a little research and thought to myself, what in the world have I gotten myself into?

See, I have always been athletic, and competitive. But I have never raced anything in my life. I have always been a power guy. Lifting heavy stuff. Hitting a ball really far. Stuff that required very little stamina. I guess a meat head at heart.

Well it was time for me to make a bigger change. It’s time to start running. I joined the team, and from the start it was the most incredible experience I had ever experienced. I started building my friends list of OCR racers because I wanted advice on everything!!!!

So leading up to the big race (Laurel 2013) I was bugging Diane to death with how scared I was. I never fail, but I also rarely break out of my comfort zone to far. I had the honor of racing with Teddy and my cousin, Joshua Waytovich. Josh and I drove down together. I was soooooo nervous. We stayed in a hack of a hotel and I slept about 4 hours. I couldn’t relax my mind. I was up at 5 am and was jacked. Teddy and I were racing at the same time, and Josh later in the morning. I went to the Corn Fed Tent. I hadn’t gotten a jersey yet, but they welcomed me like I had been at every race that had ever been ran.


Of course I had to get pictures of me in a tight shirt flexing thinking that I was a badass, when in actuality I was scared out of my mind!! So it came time to head to the coral. At this point I had never done a 5k or any sort of race in my life. EVER. So i didn’t know what to do or what the protocol was. The unwritten rules that all runners knew that I didn’t. So not only was i scared of the race, but also scared of pissing my new teammates off.

When they made the speech and I could see all the Corn Fed All Stars that up to this point only existed on Facebook to this point I felt insignificant. For the next 5 miles it was quite the opposite.

 The trails in Laurel were nothing like the dreadmill I had been training on. It was better. The scenery, the camaraderie, the obstacles. In a word EPIC!!!!!
Screaming Corn Fed throughout the course, helping everybody, blood, sweat, and mud. What could be better. The trails in Laurel were nothing like the dreadmill I had been training on. It was better. The scenery, the camaraderie, the obstacles. In a word EPIC!!!!!

Then it happened. Teddy and I came to the barbed wire crawl. Up hill, low barbed wire, slick mud, and 120 yards. Boy was this gonna be interesting. So we got down and started. we would crawl up 10 feet just to slip back another 20. But we finally found our rhythm. About 2/3 of the way up a young lady had gotten her butt caught on the barbed wire and it snapped back and hit me in the face missing my eye by about an inch. Blood flowed nicely down my face. I was asked several times if I needed medical attention. I loved it and refused to wipe it off. “Scarface” is born. To this day I don’t think I would be a leader in this group if people didn’t recognize my bloody face.

So as I reach the slippery wall, see the fire, and hear the music I knew my race was coming to an end. I come over the wall and see the Spartans waiting to try to beat me with their pugil sticks. It didn’t matter. At this point nothing was gonna stop me!!!! I blew through those with a giant smile and crossed the finish. The 18-year-old volunteer handed out 1000 medals that day. I guarantee not a single one made anybody feel as good as the one she put around my neck. I sit here with goose bumps almost two years later thinking about it.

I have become a Spartan. Of the Corn Fed variety. I was hooked and I have never been the same since. I have a new look on life. I owe it all to my Corn Fed brothers and sisters!!!!!

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