2016 Grand Prix Challenge

Corn Fed Gran Prix MMXVIUpdated 2/22/16

Please note that entries denoted in DARK RED indicate a “new race” or “confirmed race date.”

It is my pleasure to announce to all of you, my Corn Fed Family, the 2016 Grand Prix Challenge!  This is a first for our team and a really fun and unique way of earning awards!

What is the reasoning behind the Grand Prix Challenge?

The answer is two-fold:

1. We wanted to give our members a fun way of participating in events to further their fitness and promote good health;

2. As champions of the “little guys” in life, we wanted to provide a means of supporting smaller, regional races – without them, we would have very little variety in our race schedules!

Preferred Events

Based on your responses from the race poll taken several weeks ago, the following race events have agreed to join this challenge as “Preferred Events”:

  • The Abominable Snow Race
    • Race Date: Saturday, January 3oth
    • Veteran Acres Park – Crystal Lake, IL
    • Discount code: CORNFED40 – 40% discount
  • America Multisport – OLE BOHN’S WINTER VIKING DASH
    • Race Date:  Saturday, February 20th
    • Prairie Creek Indian Hill – Muncie, IN
    • Discount code: CORNFEDVIKING2016
    • NOTE: For those interested in competing in triathlon or distance events – the Indiana Spring Sprint Tri/Du, America’s Kids Triathlon (for the Corn Kernels),  Red-Tail Trail Run, and the Muncie Mini Marathon can be used as qualifying events.
  • Varsity Rush 5k
    • Race Date: Saturday, May 14th
      • Joliet Memorial Stadium – Joliet, IL
  • The Battlegrounds 5 Mile and 5k
    • Race Date: Saturday, May 21st
    • Battlegrounds at Cedar Lake – Wright City, MO
    • Discount code: CFS15 for 15% off current price
  • Tame the Terrain
    • Race Date: Saturday, June 18th
    • Muscatatuck Park – Vernon, IN
    • Discount code: T3CORNFED10 for $10.00 off
  • Black Swamp Runner 3.2 Miles/ 26+ Obstacles
    • Elmore, OH
    • June Race Dates: Saturday, June 18th & Sunday, June 19th
    • August Race Date: Saturday, August 20th
    • October Race Date: Saturday, October 1st
  • MudocalypseCFS30 fixed fee regardless of date registration. 1 point for each event.
    • Doomsday 5k – Race Date: Saturday, June 26thth- $45.00 entry fee
      • Parker’s Paradise – Crawfordsville, IN
    • The Reckoning 12k – Race Date: Sunday, June 27th – $70.00 entry fee
      • Parker’s Paradise – Crawfordsville, IN
  • Mud Ninja 5k / 25 Obstacles
    • Race Date:  Saturday, July 30th
    • J.L. Parker – South Salem, OH
  • Zombie Survival 5Event Cancelled due to loss of venue (2/13)
    • Race Date: Saturday, October 15th
    • Fowler’s Park – Terra Haute, IN

** This list is not complete – more events may be added within the next few weeks **

Grand Prix Challenge Registration and Eligibility

A $25.00 per participant registration is required to be entered into the challenge. Registrations will be accepted and processed via CFS’s secure PayPal Account. Please submit payment via PayPal’s Friends and Family option – $25.oo per participant to cornfedspartans@outlook.com will secure your spot in the challenge!

Everyone is eligible to participate – kids and adults, young and young at heart.  And yes, CFS Board Members are allowed to get in on the action on this one!


Include the following information in the comments section. If you are registering more than one (1) person, please identify in comments as “Racer 1”, “Racer 2,” etc…

  1. Include words “GRAND PRIX” in the comments section. Your payment will initiate adding your name to the challenge spreadsheet.
  2. Each participant’s complete name and valid shipping address.
  3. T-Shirt size: Sizes available will be S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

The Grand Prix Standings Spreadsheet will be made available to review your standings and compare your points to other teammates as the season progresses! Awards will be sent out towards the end of the race season (Octoberish).

Grand Prix Points and Rules

  1. Each race registered and completed* is worth one (1) point.
  2. Participants collect points by participating in as many of the above mentioned races as possible over the course of the 2016 season. You may run multiple laps at any event (per Race Director permission), but only one (1) lap will count towards points. However, if a participant is registered for and completes a Saturday and Sunday event, these will count as one (1) point each.
  3. In the event of a tie in points within the male or female categories at the end of the season, all qualifying participants will be placed into a random drawing for the top awards of the Spartan Swords.
  4. Submit race participation and proof via email to awegner@cfsnation.com .
    • Race participation and finisher proof will be accepted simply by snapping a picture of you and your Finisher time or your race entry and race prize (if applicable) for untimed events as proof of completion.
    • Confirmed completion of races will automatically be logged into the official team spreadsheet where your points will be tracked accordingly.

Grand Prix Awards and Grand Prize

  • Every registered participant will automatically receive a t-shirt with the 2016 Grand Prix logo!
  • Individuals that complete three (3) verified races will earn a one-of-a-kind CFS Grand Prix medal that doubles as a bottle opener! It will no doubt be the coolest bottle opener you’ve ever had ;).CFS Grand Prix 2016 Medal
  • Individuals that complete six (6) verified races will earn a unique 2016 Grand Prix double-sided challenge coin.
    CFS Grand Prix MMXVI Coin
  • GRAND PRIZE – The man and woman who complete the most races will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a hand-crafted Spartan Sword, engraved with the Corn Fed logo and the 2016 Grand Prix logo!

Corn Fed Spartan SwordFinal designs of the awards are currently in process and will be posted as soon as they are available.

The Spartan Sword Grand Prize drawings and announcements will occur one (1) week following the date of the last race.

What are you waiting for?

While you can sign up at any time, the absolute deadline to Register and receive the event shirt is April 15th! Shirt orders will be placed in a batch order once the registration deadline has passed (4/15) and will be mailed once they are received. Additional awards will be mailed towards the end of the season in an effort to save on shipping. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

To help kick this off, the good folks at the Abominable Snow Race are offering a 40% discount code for their event!  CORNFED40 gets you the discount on both the main 3.5 mile race, as well as the unlimited lap event.


Please ping Andé via Facebook or email awegner@cfsnation.com

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