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Corn Fed Gran Prix MMXVIAs I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Andé, our fearless leader has been busy these past few months contacting smaller, regional race directors/owners and working on a little plan named Grand Prix MMXXI Challenge, aka Grand Prix 2016.

The impetus behind the Grand Prix 2016 was two-fold: (1) change up the 2016 racing season for some extra fun and fitness; (2) support the smaller, regional races that have always offered us a variety of fun and challenging events.

Now we all know CFS members are always up for a challenge, so Andé packaged it up nicely for us. $25.00 will enter you into the challenge and automatically get you a special Grand Prix 2016 challenge t-shirt, but you need to register before April 15th. Once registered, you’ll be added to the Grand Prix Challenge Spreadsheet to compete for fun prizes and ultimately a grand prize. It’s your responsibility to sign up for the “Preferred Races” and show proof of completion for each event. An event counts as one (1) point. However, multiple laps do not count as multiple points.

We’re kicking the challenge off with the 1st race of the season – The Abominable Snow Race on January 30th in Crystal Lake, IL. ASR is even offering a discount of 40% to start the fun! I know there are already quite a few CFS members registered under different team names and times, but we’re hoping ASR officials will let us all race in the same heat. Either way, we’ll have fun like we always do ;)!


I’ve left out a few details that are critical if you’re seriously up for the challenge. Too many to include in this post, so a 2016 Grand Prix Challenge page has already been created that details how to register, a list of “Preferred Races”, discount codes, rules, and, of course, the prizes! You’ll also be able to access the Standings spreadsheet from this page to check your stats.

So the question is Are You In?

Questions? Ping Andé via Facebook or email her at

See y’all on the course! Game on! =)

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