CFS Partners With 2nd Gear Vendor – Mojo-USA

Hello Corn Fed Nation! Big announcement here! ~ via David Bruns, Board Member

We’ve secured a 2nd permanent vendor for CFS gear including but not limited to jerseys, shorts, and sleeves, etc. thanks to our very own John Moss. John was working on an idea for a personal/team project and during that process, found a great new vendor for the CFS community.

Allow me to introduce Mojo-USA. Mojo-USA is an established jersey and uniform supplier for softball, soccer, and other sports. Their products are completely made in America and ship from their factory in Arizona. Typical lead time is 3 to 5 weeks for their products.

Sizing and Return Policy

As we all know, garment sizes range from vendor to vendor therefore, we strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with their sizing options prior to placing/purchasing any orders. Please do not hesitate to contact Mojo-USA with any questions and/or drop your question in the CFS Facebook group for more information.

Once orders have been placed, production could start in as little as 1 day. Each garment is custom-made and as a result, all orders are finals and will not be able to be modified. Please note Mojo-USA has a strict no return policy.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact me or the other members of the board before ordering.

Mojo-USA Gear Insights

Mojo-USA currently has 2 main types of materials for the jerseys.

  1. Road Running Material

The road running material is like a street jersey with a mesh pattern. Light in weight and primarily used in non-mud conditions.

2. Lightweight OCR Material

The lightweight OCR material is similar to our current jerseys, but about 1/3rd the thickness. Anything marked lightweight material is made of this material.

3. The 9” OCR shorts are similar to the clinch gear type of shorts and the material should perform well in muddy conditions. Mojo-USA is currently working on a heavyweight material for jerseys. Similar to what we currently use. Those will be released at a later time and we will update everyone accordingly.

4. The cool looking thin blue-line jersey options you will find on the page were John’s idea. If you are interested in these items, they will be available for a limited time only. We plan to go back to our roots and primarily have our team colors of black and red as the options available.

Lastly, Triton has supplied us with a lot of great products over the years and they are not going anywhere. They will still continue to be one of our team’s primary suppliers of great products, but we felt it was time to secure another source.

Thank you all for your input. It is sincerely appreciated!

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