About Us

Founded in October 2011, our team is pushing the limits around the country. Versatility, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are common traits of Corn Fed Spartans.

This group is in full support of Obstacle Course Racers everywhere.  To getting people off the couch and helping beat the obesity crisis in this country.  No more excuses it’s time to get up and get involved.  No more can’t, won’t, or don’t know hows.  It is our goal to motivate and support our families, friends, and neighbors into a healthy lifestyle.  Come join the Corn Fed Spartans and it will change your life!!

Wherever there is a new challenge, our team will be there! Danger and adversity is no match for us and we would love if you joined. Our team continues to grow, as the excitement of obstacle course racing takes the world by storm.

Obstacle Course Racing – Feel the excitement!

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