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A Mini Corn Fed’s adventure!
Lilo’s Tuggin’ along at the Clash of the Shields!
Lilo’s OCR Camping Tips and Thoughts!
A moment with Stitch and his ‘Littles’ as they do the Jr Spartan Race
Midwest Super Spartan 2013. Lilo hits Insane Terrain!

A Mini Corn Fed’s adventure!

Saturday, September 28th, 2013 the Dirt Runner course had a new challenger ready to tackle whatever came her way.

This is mini Corn Fed Miss Grace Koronka and her Dad Adam and Mom Robin as they head in to face the mud, muck, and crazy obstacles that all Obstacle Course Racers love!

Family fun...Corn Fed style!

Family fun…Corn Fed style!

Adam and Robin recently started their OCR journey and Grace wanted in on the fun to, but not a “kid’s course” she wanted to do the 3+ miles that they were doing! Gotta love that spirit!

Note the flower…yeah, she got “Lilo’ed”

We talked a bit at the starting line and I watched as she proved she has what it takes to do what she sets her mind to.

Grace vs the tractor see who won!

Grace vs the tractor tire…you see who won!


The starting lineup was on and they were off. I was volunteering at one of the last obstacles of the day so I didn’t get to see her through the course. However, later on I did an interview with her and here’s what she had to say:

1) What was your favorite part of the day? – Finishing
2) What was your favorite obstacle? – The log obstacle at the end.   Why?  Because it was so much fun!
3) Were there any obstacles you didn’t like? – The culverts with water.
4) Do you want to do more of these? – Yes!  Who wouldn’t!
5) What do your friend’s think about you being an obstacle course racer? – (insert applause and big smile from her friend Sammy, here with us now)

all of the rest of obstacles she completed were awesome (she specifically called out these – monkey bars, cargo nets, rope hill climbs)


I personally look forward to seeing you (and your Mom and Dad) at more races Gracie! Thank you for being so awesome as to take the time to share your experience with everyone and show us your Corn Fed spirit! AROO!


At the starting line!

At the starting line!

making her way to the last obstacle before the finish line

making her way to the last obstacle before the finish line


View from the top after climbing though the logs

View from the top after climbing though the logs

A bottle of water and her very earned Bling! WTG!

A bottle of water and her very earned Bling! WTG!




Lilo’s Tuggin’ along at the Clash of the Shields!


It’s 6am on a cold Saturday morning as I climbed out from under the covers wondering what the Hell I was thinking by wanting to head out into the cold to get muddy. Then I remembered how much I love OCRs and my “mud therapy” as I call it.

Cranking up the music and putting the top down on the car even though it was still quite chilled out I headed out to Marseilles, IL to the Dirt Runner track for the Clash Of The Shields (police vs firefighters…being in Corrections I figure I fit in a little). Knowing that some of my fellow Corn Feds were going to be there made the 1 1/2 hour drive well worth it.

I arrived to see a few cars and some familiar faces lined up at registration. It didn’t take long to get situated and head in to see what we were facing. The Dirt Runner was part of the track for the Super Spartan a bit back so I knew there would be some awesome hills to tackle but I had never experienced the actually Dirt Runner itself.

We missed the heat we had planned to start with due to Don and Bret trying to decide how much weight in their weight vest truly equaled badass. Decisions were made at 50lbs for the vests and then Bret added on another 60lbs with his firefighter gear (well, the weight was around that After it was wet, but still…insane!).

"I'm going to do the 2nd time with 75lbs"...we didn't make it to the 2nd time!

“I’m going to do the 2nd time with 75lbs”…we didn’t make it to the 2nd time!

Finally suited and weighted up we headed to the start line. Looking over to my left I also realized that Bret and our lovely Princess Badass Heather were tethered as well. Crazy people, I love it! Looking to my right I smiled at Shannon and Christina who were doing their first OCR and Don aka Trouble who was in his weight vest and energized. I love this crew!

First time OCR..and addicted now! Christina and Shannon.

First time OCR..and addicted now! Christina and Shannon.

Being the Corn Feds we are the 6 of us decided to create our own starting time instead of waiting on the next heat so we headed out at a jog and away we went! As most of you know from previous posts, I SO do not like to jog or run or anything of that sort but I had 5 others with me and I wasn’t going to be a wuss and slack behind!

The terrain was, as predicted, awesome all the way through. The hills and the muck at this location absolutely rock!

Some of the best moments and highlights:

Monkey Bars! Every single race I have done so far I have not made it past the first bar without slipping off. The last couple of weeks I have busted my butt working on my upper body strength and with the cheers and encouragement of my team I made it almost to the end. I would have made it all the way but I got so excited I lost my grip!

Team of Two teamwork: Watching Bret and Heather tackle the obstacles while tethered was truly cool. This is the second time I seen team members do this (Jon & Candie at previous races) and it proves to me how well two people can work together when they have faith in one another. Never once did either get mad or pissy as they struggled over and under and up and down some intense obstacles and it was just awesome to watch. Way to go you two! And an extra kudo to Bret for the weight vest AND the gear added to this.

Team of Two

Team of Two

Team of Six teamwork: We paused halfway through the race to go back to the festival area and enter the Tug Of War contest. Myself, Trouble, Bret, Heather, and Christina formed a team with Shannon being our awesome cheerleader/photographer. There were only 4 teams total but the first team was challenging and gave us tug for tug before we finally pulled them over (We didn’t know at the time that we were also on the side that had an upward incline so we had that challenge as well). A quick break in between as some of our fellow Corn Feds took on another team that we defeated soon after. We were beaming as we took a few moments to enjoy our victory before heading back out.

Clash of the Shields

Heights and Fear of Falling: I don’t have a fear of heights, really. I don’t mind being up high…until I realize that I can fall! There were a couple of super high (to me) obstacles that we faced along the way and both Christina and myself were in the nervous zone while doing them. As always is the Corn Fed way our team talked us up and over cheering us along the way and we both successfully crossed heights we hadn’t.

Rolling Logs: It was not a huge obstacle but it was one that I liked the challenge of. Think balance beams made from logs and then add in that they rolled back and forth. It was crazy and I loved it!

Mud, mud, mud: We don’t do this expecting to come out pretty and clean and this was no exception. Dirt Runner had some great mud hills and pits as well as some creek bed like trails that were filled with “suck your shoes off and pull you down” muck. Loved it! Add to that the trees that were over the beds that you had to climb over and it was a hell of a challenge at times. Just what we needed! Nothing like trying to unstick your foot from 10 inches of mud only to have to try and hike it over something 5 feet high.

Run, Jump, Ground: Then there were the log over and under challenges at which I may have bruised places I didn’t know I could. Climb over a log placed 4 feet high, ok I can do that. Now under a log with barely enough room to get my arse under (watching the guys try and navigate these with the weight vests was a treat). Now wait, ok this log is up 6 feet high. “I got this, I can do this without help or using the side for a grip”….run….spring up like Tigger on a good day….realized that Tigger really could bounce as I hit the log chest first and become grateful for my rear padding. Twice. Sometimes…sometimes you just take the help and let it go!

Trouble ~ he encourages and inspires (and makes me now want to work up to a weight vest)

Trouble ~ he encourages and inspires (and makes me now want to work up to a weight vest)

The finale: We made it! It’s been a while since we were in water and as we come up to the final obstacle, a long mud pit barbed wire crawl (usually my favorite obstacle) I have to convince myself to get in the cold water one more time, but I do it. This crawl was LONG and the pebbles in the mud were a little skin shattering but we’d made it to this so onward I went. Finally make it to the end to see these huge ass logs sticking out, a few ropes and a ladder with a broken rung and have to navigate up to the top. After a bit of struggle I’m standing at the top looking down at the finish line and remembering once again why I love this addiction!

There were more obstacles and hills and other things along the way but these were just some of my favorites! Wanna know more about the course then you need to come and do one with us!

Best part of the day: The feeling of accomplishment when you get the medal placed around your neck and the cold beer in hand. Seeing friends and teammates celebrate with you. Knowing you’ve challenged yourself and made it again!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”


Another reason I love doing these is everything in life just fades away as you’re out there challenging yourself to get through the mud, the obstacles, the challenges with people who understand the therapy of the mud just as you do. I thank Don, Heather, Bret, Shannon, and Christina for an amazing fun day…you all were awesome to work with and the laughs and moments will never be forgotten! WE ARE CORNFED!





Lilo’s OCR Camping Tips and Thoughts!

Having people who know HOW to set up the tent helps!

Having people who know HOW to set up the tent helps!


Next weekend is another fun race, Warrior Dash Indiana, and I have a few people from work who are coming to this one. To make life easier and answer all the questions I could I created a camping/ocr list for everyone. In doing so I realized that it might be a good idea to share with all of Corn Fed as well. I’m sure I don’t have everything on here so please feel free to comment or email me ( with suggestions and add ons.

Here is my list (and comments of course):



Tent (Bass Pro has some nice small ones for a decent price if you don’t have one)

Tent stakes

Sleeping bags/air mattress (don’t forget the air pump!)



Folding chairs

Flashlight and/or lantern

Batteries for flashlight

Grill if you have one

Charcoal/lighter fluid/lighter

Fire starter for campfire

Cooking/eating utensils

Paper plates




Toilet paper (trust me on this, the campgrounds that have restrooms use the cheap stuff!)

Knife (just because it’s good to have!)

Trash bags (and please take your trash to the proper area to dump)


A grill is a must!

A grill is a must!


CLOTHING (and etc):

FOR THE RACE (I assume you’ll have a list of what other clothes you want for the rest of the time)

Tshirt or tank (even if it’s chilly you WILL get warm)

Shorts or capris (I advise compression shorts or capris because you don’t want chafing as you’re navigating through obstacles but that’s a personal choice.) You don’t want to wear sweatpants at all…you WILL get bogged down with mud if you do. (Added on for the blog…or in the case of some of our CFS guys…Ranger Panties).

Shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Again..a personal decision on this one. Some of us wear combat style boots, cleats, running shoes (you want ones that have a little grip though, smooth is not always good) or whatever you choose. Remember they WILL get muddy but mud washes out. Many of the races have an area you can donate your shoes to when done.

Good socks, the kind made to run in. This is not a day to wear thin socks or loose socks!

Hydration pack (that’s your call, there are water locations on the route but if you want to pack it…do it!)

Sunscreen (always a good idea)

Sunglasses are up to you but I recommend cheap ones since they may get lost/broken

Waterproof camera if you choose…cool to get those muddy pics

Shoes to change into after the race (flops or something easy to get in/out of is the best idea)

After race clothing (there is usually an area to wash off but you’ll still be pretty muddy until you hit a real shower). (and this include underclothing…trust me on this, you want to change those!).

Trash bag for your muddy clothes



Washcloth or the like to scrub off with



Alcohol (as in the drinking kind)


Band-Aids or first aid kit


Q tips (mud gets in your ears, I promise!)

Baby wipes (great for a lot of things)

Insect repellant


Extra glasses/contacts

Lip balm

More soap (in case you forget it at the race)


Hand sanitizer


Radio (more batteries)

Allergy medicine

Emergency contact list (keep with your items)

Ziploc type bags (another handy item)


Campground phone number

Phone numbers of contacts you’re camping with


Don't forget pans to cook in!

Don’t forget pans to cook in!

So what’s missing? What do you bring to each camp/race?

Looking forward to seeing those who will make it next weekend…..CORN FED!!

Muddy Love and Ohana!     ~Lilo~

A moment with Stitch and his ‘Littles’ as they do the Jr Spartan Race

I received a memo recently from Stitch who wanted to share his and his girl’s experience with the Jr Spartan Race.

His girls, Lillian and Jasmine, have watched as Daddy has went and played in the mud a few times now and admired his cool “bling” afterwards. Since the Spartan is one of the races that offers a kid’s course, he and his wife Michelle decided to let the girl’s check it out last Sunday! Here’s their story:

We arrived at the course at about 11am and headed to the registration. The heat for the .5 mile course was at 12:55 so we a little time to walk around and look at the different set ups. My ‘Littles’ Jasmine (5) and Lillian (4) were both attracted to my Spartan “bling” from the day before and wanted to confiscate my medal. They were told they would have to earn their medals before they could steal mine (although I couldn’t say no when they gave me their sad faces, what can I say….I’m a sucker for my girls). So I let them wear it and took pictures of my Corn Fed minis.

We wanna be like Daddy!

We wanna be like Daddy!

I asked them if they wanted their own and they excitedly shouted “Yea!”. So at 12:20 I did stretching warm ups with them and reminded them that Daddy and Mommy would make sure nothing happened to them and not to be scared. The obstacle course for the .5 mile was one lap. The obstacles were 3 back to back mud pits, 3 pyramid walls, 3 balance beams, an over under through (Lilo interjects to say this is Stitch’s favorite obstacle since the Spartan Sprint in April), a 3 foot wall, and a “barbed wire crawl” (instead of wire it was string), then a run up the hill to the finish line.

I ran with Lillian and Michelle with Jasmine. When we got to the first mud pit you could see the terror on their faces. Both of my Littles were crying and wanted to give up. I kept telling them they were ok, it was a little mud and it doesn’t hurt. I jumped in, Michelle jumped in, and they both just stood there for a moment. Jasmine was the first to come in, sliding in with Lillian following slowly. After the second mud pit you could tell the fear had subsided and the fun spilled out.

After that Jasmine ran almost the entire course and Lillian kept it nice and slow. The pyramid walls were tall for the adults but were a little challenging for the kids as well. I jumped over and tried to help Jasmine over but was told “No Daddy, I got this!” (Lilo interjects to say Go Jasmine!). As my pride swelled and as I helped Lillian over Jasmine was clearing the second wall. “Good job baby!” I yelled!

After clearing the second wall and helping Lillian over I looked to see Jasmine about to round the corner and had to yell for her to wait for us to catch up. You could tell she didn’t want to but did long enough for us to clear the last wall. After that I ran towards Jasmine which she thought was great and took off running again. When she came to the obstacles she did them by herself and when we reached the “barbed wire crawl” I tool the cue from her. Hands and feet all the way through then she waited for me on the other side and we finished side by side. Lillian and Michelle must have been hustling as well because they finished less than a minute behind us.

The Little's and their own bling!

The Little’s and their own bling!


I was, and am, so proud of them. I know they liked it because everyone they saw for the next few days heard their story of the “mud” run and saw their medals that they wear proudly. (Lilo interjecting to say….I’ve seen the girls twice since and both times I got a recap as they held their medals up to show me again! Hooray girls!).

Great job girls, Daddy is proud of you! You are both now Spartans……Arrooooo!!!!

Still proud of being Spartans! AROO!

Still proud of being Spartans! AROO!

Thanks Matt aka Stitch13!

Lilo’s last thought:

I adore both Jasmine and Lillian and I’m so proud of them for  being a part of the Spartan world! If you have Little’s take a moment and do something silly and fun with them. It doesn’t have to be a mud run but there’s lots of fun things you can get outside and have a blast doing together! Thank you Stitch for sharing the story of the girl’s first OCR and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them at a Spartan race in 2014 and as future Corn Feds!

And thank you to the Spartan Race for creating a cool Jr Spartan course that I know was busy with future OCR junkies all weekend long!

Get muddy and have fun! Ohana!



Midwest Super Spartan 2013. Lilo hits Insane Terrain!

Starred Photos5

The adventures of 3 begin again. It’s Friday night and the car is overflowing with camping gear, race gear, and 3 very excited Corn Feds! Lilo, Stitch, and Puppy are on the road again and heading to Marsailles, IL for the Midwest Super Spartan. 8+ miles of….we don’t know yet but it’s bound to be wicked!

The evening sky was perfect as we headed down the highway. Music was cranked up and we were all singing along and feeling the excitement in the air. This would be the 2nd Spartan race for Stitch and I and the first for Puppy. As much fun as I’ve had at all the races we’ve been in there’s something about a Spartan that takes it to a new level! You know that it’s going to challenge you and you know the intensity will be unlike all other races.

Heading down the highway ready for adventure!

Heading down the highway ready for adventure!

We arrive at the Four Star Campground under a full moon and in our own brand of “full moon fever”. Unable to find a spot in the midst of where our brothers and sisters have set up we find the perfect little hideaway area across the road and begin to set up camp. I admit to being clueless when it comes to setting up tents and the like so I leave that to the guys while playing greeter to the Corn Feds who stop over to visit (and share a sip of some “Apple Pie Potion”). We visited a while and headed into town for a few supplies. Many of the Corn Feds had participated in the Hurricane Heat that evening (a night exploration of the course) and the campground was quiet as everyone rested for the next day.

Bright and early Saturday morning arrives. It’s a perfect day. The weather is just what we want…not too hot not too chilly…and we head over to hang out with our fellow racers at the CFS campsite for a bit before the race.  Corn Fed tattoos are being placed on one another to represent, jerseys are all over with nicknames that fit the wearer, and we are all hyped and ready to go!

Tattoo application in progress!

Tattoo application in progress!Placement is always important!

Placement is always important!

Placement is always important!

And so it begins. After registration and visiting at our hospitality tent for a while the 3 of us wander and check things out. Stitch and I decide to be a little crazy and try out a mini ‘Wipeout’ style course that leaves us both winded (and wiped out!) a couple of times!

I think I can I think I can

I think I can I think I can

“Who am I?” “I am a Spartan!” Aroo Aroo Aroo! And we’re off. Within minutes we hit one of the first obstacles; a mud hill climb into mud pits up another hill and down into the mud again. THIS is what we’re here for. The mud, the teamwork as we all help one another, the challenge. This is why we’re all Obstacle Course Racers. This is why we’re Corn Fed Spartans! No matter if there are 10 of us at a race or over 100 as in this one, we are there as a team to help, support, and cheer one another on.

Puppy awaiting the AROOOOOO at the start!

Puppy awaiting the AROOOOOO at the start!

Lilo and Stitch representin'

Lilo and Stitch representin’

The course itself had some great challenges, not only with the built obstacles but also with some of the most wicked terrain I’ve encountered so far. There was muck that some of us sank in up to our hips. It was like quicksand and sucked you back down as you were trying to get out. Having a team with us saved getting stuck for long periods of time! The hills were steep and in come cases the only way to get up them was to dig in with your fingers and toes and just pull. I’m not going to lie, there were times when I was not sure how much I had left in me (after spraining my wrist that was even worse for a short bit) but just when I thought I’d reached that point I would hear someone yell out “Corn Fed” and then we’d all answer back “Corn Fed”. No matter where you were on the course you’d hear that now and then and it would just boost you right back up. Team, family.

Tackling the cargo a TEAM, Corn Fed style!

Tackling the cargo net…as a TEAM, Corn Fed style!

The group we were with was part of the Corn Fed “sweepers” meaning we were there for an extra boost, our group had the cheerleaders and the helpers and carried the CFS flag (which our fabulous team member Dre aka Sweet Junk carried the entire course without the flag ever getting dirty or touching the ground. Kudos to her!). We had a few moments that were a bit nerve wracking including a couple of our team going under water in weighted vests, a few faceplants, and some serious quicksand like mud.  We also had the silly moments of stopping the creeks to lay down and play in the water, finding a random “bus stop” sign that we had to get a photo with, and having a mini picnic on a hill before tackling more of the course. We take the races seriously but we take ourselves with smiles and that’s more important.

Pausing for a group shot...that flag stayed clean!

Pausing for a group shot…that flag stayed clean!

And 7 hours later we linked arms, jumped the fire,  and faced the group of gladiators together as a team, as family and we crossed the finish together all smiling and high fiving as we felt the blue medals around our necks.  Corn Fed!

Gladiators beware we are Corn Fed!

Gladiators beware we are Corn Fed!

I could go on and on but in the usual Lilo sort of style but I’ll leave you with this thought for now…..find something you love to do and do it with people you love to do it with! I’ve been with Corn Fed Spartans for close to a year now and I’ve learned SO much about teamwork and being a family as a team. Kudos to everyone of you out there that is part of this group.  I can’t even begin to thank the individuals who do so much for this team, you know who you are, but I will thank Jonathan Nolan for finding me and adding me and for changing my life in so many ways because of it!

And an added kudos to Four Star Campgrounds for having the BEST campground showers I’ve seen lol! And to the Dirt Runner crew for some crazy terrain that I’ll never forget! (There are hills out there that have my blood, sweat, and tears all seeped in).

Lilo's celebration!

Lilo’s celebration!

Until then….get Muddy and much fun love. Ohana!

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