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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Hello everyone, I felt it was time to tell you a little bit about myself and my story of how I came to be a Corn Fed Spartan and a Spartan race finisher. When my family and I lived in Iowa, my boyfriend came to me with suggestion of going to a Spartan race, of course I had never even heard of it before. He and our daughter signed up and as time passed and we got closer to race day the excitement in the family was reaching high levels. When we arrived in Indiana I was asked to drive by the location of the race site, little did I know that this preview drive by would become a ritual for us. The following day Rick began to introduce us to some of the members of Corn Fed. During this race everyone began the race as a group, my daughter & I ran after the group taking as many pictures of everyone as possible, My daughter ran her very first JR Spartan race and received a beautiful medal. Rick finished just in time to watch her run the second lap and finish the race. Watching my family finish these races and I just felt such a pride, one that I had never felt before.

Once we got home and the excitement began to fade I later joined the facebook page of Corn Fed. This way I was be able to upload the many pictures I took at the event. I honestly can say that I did not understand the passion everyone had and the dedication they had to one another. In addition, I thought that the mobile pictures of logs and huge tires was insane. Who keeps a huge log in the car to run around with?  This event and those mobile uploads were my initial introduction to both Spartan Race & Corn Fed Spartan – and I absolutely did not get it. As months and events have passed I found myself feeling that I made a mistake and misjudged what I once thought was insanity. I have been to Spartan races in Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts… and that is just the beginning. With time, the names on Facebook have turned into faces, which turned into long conversations.I have found myself coming more to the family I have meet through Corn Fed than my life long friends. Our friendships have grown and I feel very lucky that my crazy boyfriend dragged me into this family. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

I decided along with my boyfriend that we would conquer my first race and his 7th race. Joining us were 4 of our very own Corn Fed Spartans, little did I know they would play such a huge role on this day. On November 17th, 2012 six of us were standing side by side at the starting line at a 100 year old iconic stadium: Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The race started off with 10 burpees followed by a Corn Fed special of 50 jumping jacks. Seconds into the race I realized I was already tired and because of that I did not want to stop. We continued to duck and dodge and jump throughout the stadium. Some of the obstacles I felt were easy , jumping over walls was one of the funnest parts of the race. I am sure I wasn’t graceful but it was one of the few obstacles I was able to do confidently. Some of the other parts of the race were far more difficult then I thought they would be. I was carrying a huge jug of water and very slowly and I made it down the stairs, I placed the water jug down for a moment to take a break. The next thing I knew my teammates were coming back for me cheering me on and a goddess came and grabbed the water jug and walked with me. At that moment, for the very first time I realized what it truly meant to be Corn Fed.

We continued on, as a group and after a stadium of stairs and many obstacles we made it to the sand bag carry. A fellow Spartan helped me put the sand bag on my shoulders and I began the climb up the never ending stairs as I reached the top I felt that I could not go on, I dropped the sand bag and after Rick picked up my sand bag and began walking towards to the bottom I continued to walk, empty handed. Somewhere in the middle my goddess once again appeared, I could barely lift a sand bag onto her shoulders. Somehow we managed and she helped me complete yet another obstacle. We once again continued on, as a group and approached the finish line. My beautiful JR Spartans were waving posters at the finish line reading Corn Fed Cuties! One by one we crossed the finish line & what amazing feeling. The race was pure inspiration, I was supported and cheered on the entire time. Filled with hugs and high fives and my three Jr Spartans cheering us on in the distance with their beautiful posters. This race was pure and honest and it told me everything that I needed to know. First of all, if I want to continue doing spartan races I am going to need to work and work hard. Secondly, with my team – everything is possible.

  We gathered to take pictures, first just the ladies, then the six of us. The very next thing I knew my boyfriend was down and one knee holding with a beautiful engagement ring. I was numb and shaking uncontrollably, I saw nothing beyond us both, heard nothing but his voice saying will you marry me?  I could not get a sound out yet some how managed to say yes. Never in my life did I ever think I would be proposed to behind home plate in Fenway Park. Never once did I think I would do these insane challenges for fun and it would consume my life. Never did I think I would enjoy the mud, bruises and extreme challenges and crave another after another. This has become a part of our life – we have become Corn Fed and everything it represents and I could never ask for a better, inspirational, insane, honest, dedicated family. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms….

We are home!!!


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