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A moment with Stitch and his ‘Littles’ as they do the Jr Spartan Race
My Road to The Death Race Entry 3
My Road to The Death Race Entry 1

A moment with Stitch and his ‘Littles’ as they do the Jr Spartan Race

I received a memo recently from Stitch who wanted to share his and his girl’s experience with the Jr Spartan Race.

His girls, Lillian and Jasmine, have watched as Daddy has went and played in the mud a few times now and admired his cool “bling” afterwards. Since the Spartan is one of the races that offers a kid’s course, he and his wife Michelle decided to let the girl’s check it out last Sunday! Here’s their story:

We arrived at the course at about 11am and headed to the registration. The heat for the .5 mile course was at 12:55 so we a little time to walk around and look at the different set ups. My ‘Littles’ Jasmine (5) and Lillian (4) were both attracted to my Spartan “bling” from the day before and wanted to confiscate my medal. They were told they would have to earn their medals before they could steal mine (although I couldn’t say no when they gave me their sad faces, what can I say….I’m a sucker for my girls). So I let them wear it and took pictures of my Corn Fed minis.

We wanna be like Daddy!

We wanna be like Daddy!

I asked them if they wanted their own and they excitedly shouted “Yea!”. So at 12:20 I did stretching warm ups with them and reminded them that Daddy and Mommy would make sure nothing happened to them and not to be scared. The obstacle course for the .5 mile was one lap. The obstacles were 3 back to back mud pits, 3 pyramid walls, 3 balance beams, an over under through (Lilo interjects to say this is Stitch’s favorite obstacle since the Spartan Sprint in April), a 3 foot wall, and a “barbed wire crawl” (instead of wire it was string), then a run up the hill to the finish line.

I ran with Lillian and Michelle with Jasmine. When we got to the first mud pit you could see the terror on their faces. Both of my Littles were crying and wanted to give up. I kept telling them they were ok, it was a little mud and it doesn’t hurt. I jumped in, Michelle jumped in, and they both just stood there for a moment. Jasmine was the first to come in, sliding in with Lillian following slowly. After the second mud pit you could tell the fear had subsided and the fun spilled out.

After that Jasmine ran almost the entire course and Lillian kept it nice and slow. The pyramid walls were tall for the adults but were a little challenging for the kids as well. I jumped over and tried to help Jasmine over but was told “No Daddy, I got this!” (Lilo interjects to say Go Jasmine!). As my pride swelled and as I helped Lillian over Jasmine was clearing the second wall. “Good job baby!” I yelled!

After clearing the second wall and helping Lillian over I looked to see Jasmine about to round the corner and had to yell for her to wait for us to catch up. You could tell she didn’t want to but did long enough for us to clear the last wall. After that I ran towards Jasmine which she thought was great and took off running again. When she came to the obstacles she did them by herself and when we reached the “barbed wire crawl” I tool the cue from her. Hands and feet all the way through then she waited for me on the other side and we finished side by side. Lillian and Michelle must have been hustling as well because they finished less than a minute behind us.

The Little's and their own bling!

The Little’s and their own bling!


I was, and am, so proud of them. I know they liked it because everyone they saw for the next few days heard their story of the “mud” run and saw their medals that they wear proudly. (Lilo interjecting to say….I’ve seen the girls twice since and both times I got a recap as they held their medals up to show me again! Hooray girls!).

Great job girls, Daddy is proud of you! You are both now Spartans……Arrooooo!!!!

Still proud of being Spartans! AROO!

Still proud of being Spartans! AROO!

Thanks Matt aka Stitch13!

Lilo’s last thought:

I adore both Jasmine and Lillian and I’m so proud of them for  being a part of the Spartan world! If you have Little’s take a moment and do something silly and fun with them. It doesn’t have to be a mud run but there’s lots of fun things you can get outside and have a blast doing together! Thank you Stitch for sharing the story of the girl’s first OCR and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them at a Spartan race in 2014 and as future Corn Feds!

And thank you to the Spartan Race for creating a cool Jr Spartan course that I know was busy with future OCR junkies all weekend long!

Get muddy and have fun! Ohana!



My Road to The Death Race Entry 3

Day 23Sitting down and doing this after my run allows me to think about my day and what I have went through physically and mentally.  I had 6 miles to think about my day which took me 50:51 (still over my goal time of 45).  This was, by far, was the best Christmas I have ever have.  It started with us waking up and  having Lucas walk Ethan out to all the presents with him saying “wow” every 5 seconds!  It was a big joy to hear the boys so happy and eager to open their gifts.  Laura, who had to have makeup and be all prettied up for pictures (I have to admit, pretty beautiful), made us all open our gifts first with her waiting till the end.  We had a great morning and enjoyed the company of each other and had a lot of fun.

We knew that my mother was going to visit us for Christmas, which was quite a surprise because of the relationship I have with her.  A few weeks ago, she had a major heart attack (blew out her coronary artery) which had a 50% mortality rate.  Up until this point, she has really missed out on her grandson’s life ( he is almost 2) and maybe this has given her some perspective on what is important.  I was happy that she came over and actually got on the floor and visited with him, interacted with him, because he sat down right beside her and did so well with her.  Let’s hope for change….

Anyway, this was my day in my mind as I ran.  My life, much like the people reading this, has had a lot of downs, curves, disappointments, people telling me I can not do this or that, and the Death Race is my middle finger……go ahead and doubt me, call me crazy, ignore me, tell me I don’t matter…..but, just remember who you are because when I finish the Death Race, you can look in the mirror and STFU!!  I remember Joe DeSena, one of the founders of the Death Race say that this race was just like life in that is always threw you curve balls and you never know what to expect.  If that is the case, then the opposite should be true as well.  Life is just like the Death Race….and I have been preparing for this my whole life.

My Road to The Death Race Entry 1

Journal Entry 1


I am not a great writer but I know I could put down on paper what I’m feeling and that is really all that matters.  I have been doing Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide – Advanced 1 which entails simply one thing, a lot of running.  Well, a lot of running mixed with speed and hills.  I have been doing it for the last few weeks and I have really felt the results already.  It has been an amazing experience up to this point and I’m really looking forward to completing it.  I have been running at night because of the quietness and serenity of it all.  I have been battling a bad cold/sinus/lung infection of some sort and finally took Saturday’s run of 6 miles off, my first unscheduled day I took off of my running program.  I hated doing it but had a feeling that I needed to in order to do the 8 miles this evening.  Starting the run off, it felt great out in the night air but by mile 3, my lungs and legs were killing me more than normal, most likely due to the cold air and my infection but I pushed through it.  With the Huff 50K coming up this Saturday, I need to make sure I am strong enough to complete the race in my goal time of 5 hours.  Last year it took right around 7 1/2 hours so this goal may be pushing it for me but this will be my race to go all out for.    If there is something I learned tonight was that no matter the conditions of the environment or my body, it can be done and it is up to me to determine what is accomplished.

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