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CFS January WODWelcome to the Corn Fed Spartans WORK OUT of the DAY (WOD) challenge page!

January Challenge – SQUATS

If there’s one thing we know for sure, CFS LOVE challenges and if there’s bling or “prize” awarded at the end of the challenge, well you know….. ;).

We’re getting ready to start the JANUARY 2016 WOD! Just follow the link below, add your name to the list and it’s Game On!

These are Rick’s rules:

  1. You choose your starting number.
  2. You have all day to complete your set. They do not have to all be done at one time.
  3. Minimum starting number is 25.
  4. We will add five (5) a day with one (1) rest day a week of your choosing.
  5. Let’s have some fun and challenge yourself. It’s supposed to be difficult.
  6. If you see a fellow teammate(s) starting number and think they can do more, don’t be afraid to call them out and challenge.
  7. On the flip side, if you do call someone out, be prepared to be challenged back.
  8. Not sweating or pushing yourself enough? Put your big boy/big girl pants on and up your game.
  9. If you miss a few days, DON’T give up! Start right back up again where you left off.

Click on the link, enter your name and starting number and get moving.

JANUARY 2016 WOD Spreadsheet

Let’s start this New Year STRONG!